Perseverance, a determined will

Perseverance is one of the keys to success that is repeated in a multitude of examples: determination, firmness in decisions and perseverance to carry out what has to be done. This usually divides humanity into two large groups, those who achieve what they propose and those who do not propose anything because they know they will not achieve it.

5 keys to achieve perseverance

1. Set a high goal. It is true that we all have constraints that can prevent us from doing what we propose but we must set the goal high, because quite a lot of rebates brings day to day. On numerous occasions, it makes us great especially the constancy in small things and the determined will of the great idea that can not be put into practice.

2. Make decisions. One of the essential characteristics of the successful person is the conviction that she decides, chooses and directs her own life. Sitting with your arms crossed waiting for the problems to be solved on their own and to pass the time without more, is the best way to get nothing in life. Therefore, you have to make decisions, get used to choosing between options, to go towards a goal with firm step.

3. Choose the right moment. In conflictive situations, or under great pressures that make us uneasy, the first step is to recover as soon as possible part of the calm and tranquility that we have lost. Nobody can seriously decide about their future on the same afternoon they have kicked him out of work, because probably at that moment we perceive our reality with a strong emotional charge.

4. Reaffirm in the decisions made. Do not waste time turning over what has already been decided. When we make a decision, we do so taking into account specific circumstances. With the passage of time these circumstances, logically, change.
We have to convince ourselves that each decision arises as a result of a specific moment, of the interaction of specific variables and, therefore, as soon as one of these changes, our decision would be a different one, which would have to be taken at the opportune moment.

5. Be nonconformist and expand alternatives. Do not settle for anything. Sometimes we rush to decide, we want to accelerate our life, achieve success without first giving us a break. That is to say that our decisions do not have to be precipitated. Do not settle for making a decision in a resigned manner. We must keep looking for alternatives until the decision is based on something positive that allows us to be happy.

Tips to get perseverant

- Prioritize decisions. One must be able to distinguish between decisions that must be made quickly and those that must wait. Deciding to decide, outside of its proper time, can become counterproductive. Sometimes, it is about establishing a time of reflection.

- Flee from resignation. Sometimes, the temptation of discouragement can overtake us and perhaps it comes because we pretend to cover too much. It is necessary to learn to accept the things that can not be changed (it can not be decided there) but not resign themselves to leave as such what can be changed.

- Do not regret a decision. The decisions taken should not be regretted, which does not mean that all are correct: we must accept them, taking into account the circumstances of that moment. If you have caused a problem, you should find a way to solve them.

- Avoid conformism. Expressions that indicate conformism or abandonment must be eliminated from the vocabulary itself. "What are we going to do to him!", "Quiet, that does not matter".

- Accept the decision. The most intelligent position is to accept the decision as something unique that is chosen because it seems the best, without thinking that the other alternatives were equally good. It is a good decision for having taken it.

Ricardo Regidor

Ideas taken from Alfonso Aguiló, Educate the character, Ediciones Palabra and Bernabé Tierno, Dare to succeed! Plaza and Janés.

Video: Grit: the power of passion and perseverance | Angela Lee Duckworth

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