12 tips to be consistent in adolescence

Adolescence is a period that passes between childhood and adulthood, characterized by profound changes. Those changes make it a difficult period for them and their families. What was once a child, is now maturing to become an adult and in that process of maturation, be consistent in adolescence It must be an objective to grow on.

Guidelines to be consistent in adolescence

These are some of the tips that teenagers and their parents should know to get be consistent in adolescence and overcome this stage successfully:

1. Analyze if attitudes and words do not change radically depending on the place and the people you are with. We must always try to have the same image and opinion of you in every place.

2. Think about what is required of others and if each one and corresponds, at least, in the same proportion.

3. Be careful to choose friendships, places and events. Thus, it will not be necessary to hide, lie and behave contrary to the principles of each one.

4. Avoid cheating or meet half obligations. Although it is the easiest and nobody is aware of it at the moment.

5. Consider the possibility of making a mistake. It is necessary to consider that sometimes you can be wrong, listen, reflect, inform yourself and correct if necessary.

6. Do not fall into discussions and confrontations for unimportant things. Always remember that if there is something to defend or clarify, you should not lose your sanity, and it will be advisable to remain calm and understanding.

7. Have fun and have fun. Living according to your principles does not mean you have to stop having fun and have fun. Both things are perfectly compatible, but you have to know where the limits are.

8. Respect opinions. Never treat with disdain or inferiority people who do not match your ideas. You have to be cordial with them and show kind treatment.

9. Listen to others. Neither do you have to close in band. Open yourself to others and listen to them, do not stop talking to them about the differences that may exist. In addition, these differences can be very enriching. That does not mean that there are certain people who are recommended to avoid, because they move in environments that can lead to serious problems.

10. Consult specialized books. Many times, we do not know how to argue to defend our position even though we have the certainty of being on the right path. For this reason, it is necessary to get hold of one of the many books on ethics that we can find that help to shape your ideas and how to express them.

11. Follow the principles firmly. Sometimes, we think that no one thinks according to certain values ​​and that we are "outdated". Do not get discouraged by that or lower the bar. It is not about mimicking others, but about being a person of integrity regardless of the circumstances.

12. Think before you speak. Sometimes it is important not to get passionate or respond with anything, think what you are going to say. Good advice: before putting the language into operation, it is good to make sure that the brain is connected. And remember: we have two ears and a mouth, to listen to twice as many as we speak.

First of all, to be coherent in adolescence

Of course, if you do not have enough willpower, it is very easy to get carried away by tempting situations. Thanks to the will, the decisions that are taken and that are the result of reflection are put into practice. In this way, we live according to what we think and not the other way around.

One of the essential characteristics of the successful person is the conviction that she decides, chooses and directs her own life. Therefore, the adolescent must make decisions, get used to choosing between options, to go towards a goal with firm step. The conformism It is a bad friend that weakens. Weakness can cause them to pull low and jeopardize their values ​​and integrity. We do not settle for anything and we look for excellence in actions. It is not about being a perfectionist, but about weighing the advantages and disadvantages of the options that are presented and opting for the good.

Teresa Pereda

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