How to shelter the baby in winter

When babies feel cold, they tend to have low temperature hands, legs, feet, and ears because they are the parts of the body where they get cold and are detected earlier if they are cold. Dressing the baby in layers can make it easier to remove excess clothing when entering and leaving an interior to the outside. Remember that the Winter cold is not bad, the worst are the temperature changes.

If we adults are affected by climate change, babies are no exception. To know how to shelter the baby in winter, keep in mind that the correct measure is to wrap them with one more layer than you wear.

The baby needs continuous care on your part, because he is not yet autonomous enough to stand on his own. The little ones that are will depend totally on you, they are still small to notice if they are hot or cold and thus to be able to complain, although they already have small notions.

Clear signs that the baby is cold

Babies sweat through the skin when they are very hot just like any person and they are uncomfortable and cry if they feel very cold. The cold seems more difficult to detect, to shelter the baby in winter, but it is not like that; you should pay attention to every detail of your baby's cries, in this way you will learn when you should warm him, feed him, etc.

Through your hands you can discover if you feel cold, when you touch them you feel that, for example, you have frost. The legs and feet are also clearly important to detect if your baby needs shelter; and, finally, the ears. These are the three parts of the body where they are set and where to detect before if they are cold.

How to warm the baby in winter?

1. At home: Inside the houses is usually warmer, so you can put a body, a set of wool, a wimp or a plush pijamita. If you notice that the house is cold, perhaps you can add one more layer of coat, but without overwhelming him. If the baby is crawling, try to have carpets or blankets that isolate the cold from the ground.

2. On the street: When you go for a walk to the street or with the baby cart you will have to warm it a little bit more: buffaloes, mittens, a coat and a hat are essential in the face of low temperatures, as is often the case at Christmas. If it is not so cold, the hat and coat are enough. Of course, always the body and a piece of wool on top, as well as to be at home, but adding the coat. Dressing her in layers can make it easier for her to take off extra clothing by staying inside the stores.

3. At night: again, at the end of the day and back home, it's time to go to sleep. Maybe with a body and a cotton pijamita is enough, as long as you cover your baby with a sheet and a blanket or blanket. If the child is one of those who uncover during the night, try a thicker, plush pajama-blanket for example.

Tips for the shelter of the baby

- "Layers" on your baby's clothes They are a good strategy to unveil if it is very hot or if you find those sudden temperature changes that we all know, when entering and leaving stores and shops.

- It's easy to get sick in the face of temperature contrasts, If you are not at the remove of putting and take away clothes to counteract them, both in the car, at home and in the shopping centers.

- It is also not good to overindulge them: Being so small, it is hard for us to resist the urge to protect them and the coat is part of this feeling. If you wrap him up too much, you'll make him more vulnerable to the cold.

- According to specialists, the correct measure is to wrap them with one more layer of which you carry, because when you sit quietly in your chair or stroller, the thermal sensation is greater. Remember, also, that the first weeks the baby loses heat more easily.

- Always measure your temperature by touching your neck. Your hands, feet and ears can lead to misunderstanding. Learn to know your baby. If it is very cold, cover their ears, they should always be protected. Always wear some warm clothes in the baby's bag, but remember that you should not do it too much.

Natalia Hurtado. Teacher School Santa María la Blanca

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