The new health games for diagnosis

Electronic health games are the new trend in the field of technology applied to health, which has been developing in great strides in recent years. The also known as gamification or use of serious games Its objective is to rehabilitate patients, make the population aware of healthy habits and train health professionals.

Now, on the occasion of the Congress'Play It's Health, Games, Apps, Pharmacy and eHealth ' held at the Central University Hospital of Oviedo, a new initiative is presented based on an electronic health game whose objective is to treat the different diseases in the most entertaining way possible for the youngest ones, through a fun and healthy use of new technologies.

Health games to detect diseases

The download of applications for health is the most growing in recent years. In this context of new technologies, this congress has put on the table different initiatives that serve to treat various health problems, presenting them as a true solution for the future.

Among all these new electronic health games, highlights a simulator ledn that allows the evaluation and rehabilitation of driving capacity in patients with sensory, cognitive or physical disabilities and a digital program to improve intelligence since childhood.

A game for the lazy eye of children

Amblyopia has found an answer in this new technology applied to health. The game 'Visionary' deals directly with the lazy eye, which affects four percent of the population, by training the monocular, binocular and stereo views of children who practice with this game.

Amblyopia, also known as lazy eye, is the leading cause of poor vision in children and affects three percent of the school population. This problem occurs when the nerve path from one eye to the brain does not develop during childhood. This in turn causes the brain not to learn to see clearly: somehow, the brain disconnects that eye and stops receiving the information that the eye collects from the stimuli it receives from outside.

More efficiency with 'eHealth'

In terms of effectiveness, videogames applied to health have obtained better results than the traditional ways used until now to motivate patients and train health professionals. Thus, the centers that are committed to technology applied to health, known as eHealth, are improving the effectiveness of health care.

1. The automation of bureaucratic processes It has allowed the reduction of costs for hospitals as well as improvements in management, allowing to avoid common mistakes such as duplications.

2. Patients have achieved a series of facilities: greater knowledge about your disease and a better adaptation to treatment.

3. Health professionals have advanced in the diagnosis since now, with the new technologies applied to the sanitary land, they can detect with greater ease the risk factors.

In this way, new technologies are presented as the new tool to achieve advances in management and health care. Thus, from now on, patients will be able to have applications and games of health, offered by health professionals, to help them understand and manage, in the best way possible, their own disease.

An application for the rehabilitation of the march

In addition to the progress made in the problems of vision, the new application 'Walking Quality' is presented as a project developed in Spain whose goal is the rehabilitation of the march. Each year, thousands of people suffer traumatic and cerebrovascular accidents that make walking difficult.

Now, through this new application, you can know parameters such as acceleration, symmetry, homogeneity and balance, as well as the quality and characteristics of the gait, which will allow to analyze the way of walking of each patient. These data will be of great help to professionals in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of people suffering from these problems.

Patricia Núñez de Arenas

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