How to treat stuttering from childhood

Stuttering is a disorder that affects speech fluency. It begins during childhood and, in some cases, lasts a lifetime. Most people repeat a few words from time to time and that is not necessarily a problem. However, when this dysfunction persists, it can hinder the communication capacity of the people who suffer from it.

Therefore, on the occasion of International Day of the Stuttering Knowledge It is necessary to remember the keys to treat it and improve communication.

The beginning of stuttering in children

Children take their first steps in language at two or three years of age. At this stage, it is normal, especially between three and five years, that there is a small stuttering or evolutionary dyspnea in children. In these cases, parents should not be alarmed if their child has obstacles to speak, it is something typical of the age that will end up disappearing. In fact, experts advise not to call attention to children when they get stuck because, instead of helping them, we can be contributing to worsen the situation by triggering a chronic dysfunction that will also affect their self-esteem.

However, if the problem persists from five years onwards, parents must go to a specialist or speech therapist to manage the situation. A team of psychologists and therapists should be in charge of teaching the child how to handle themselves in the best possible way. The role of the parents will be equally important during this process in which the child will need the support and trust of the people around him, and before the diagnosis since the early detection of this disorder will be key to advance in a future.

How to treat stuttering from childhood?

Although stuttering does not have a definitive solution, it is necessary to know some guidelines to treat it in the best possible way. Now, on the occasion of International Day of the Stuttering KnowledgeThe importance of correctly treating stuttering and knowing some tips to improve communication with people who suffer from it is highlighted.

First of all, it is necessary to know the treatment programs for people who stutter. Most of these treatments are behavioral, that is, they are designed to teach the person specific skills or behaviors that help them obtain better oral communication. Some of the most effective practices are:

- Control or monitor the passage to which they speak.
- Learn to say the words in a slightly slower way and with less physical tension.
- Learn to control or monitor breathing.
- Practice using sentences and short phrases at a slower pace than normal, until you can express them easily and without interruptions.
- Learn to express oneself more easily and quickly, in longer sentences and in more challenging situations until you can speak easily and naturally.
- Maintenance sessions, once the formal intervention has been completed, to avoid relapses.

Patricia Núñez de Arenas

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