Home birth

Home birth is still a minority option in Spain, but in clear increase. Pregnant women who choose the option of giving birth to their child at home are usually very informed women of medium socioeconomic status and high educational level, who want a completely natural birth, respected, without interventions and in the privacy of their home.

This is a very thoughtful and precise decision of a condition: childbirth should always be of low risk.

The midwife at home birth

The professionals who assist homebirth are usually experienced midwives, legally trained to do so. The main function of the midwife is to accompany the process, attend the birth and diagnose any deviation from normality, making the necessary decisions as a possible transfer to the hospital.

In the Guide for pregnant women about normal birth care, it is stated that "it has been shown that the relationship between the woman and her caregiver greatly influences the experience of childbirth. Continuous professional support is more likely to have a spontaneous vaginal birth and less likely to need epidural analgesia, have an instrumental delivery (forceps, suction cup ...) or a cesarean section, and are more satisfied with the experience of childbirth. has shown that attention to normal delivery by midwives has advantages: less need for epidural analgesia, fewer episiotomies, increased rate of spontaneous vaginal delivery and initiation of breastfeeding, and a greater sense of control by women The midwife is the most appropriate professional to accompany the woman in a normal delivery. "

However, to avoid possible complications that may develop at the last moment during labor, it is essential to have a hospital less than 30 minutes from the address. Of the births planned at home, only 4 percent need a cesarean and only 1 percent forceps.

Home birth in the world

Currently, in countries such as the Netherlands or England, 30 percent of deliveries take place at home; and in other countries such as Sweden, Australia, Canada, France and even Italy, public health or private insurance reimburses the cost of delivery at home.

In fact, the Nice Guide (National Institute for Excellence in Health and Care, from the United Kingdom) recommends low-risk births attended in labor centers or homes, but always accompanied by midwives.

In 2014, the Cochram review was published where it is ensured that low-risk home deliveries attended by midwives are as safe as in hospitals.

The choice of place to give birth is really very important, as well as having clear ideas.
It is difficult to foresee how delivery will be, but if we get all the external conditions are favorable and respect our decisions everything will be easier and we will have more ballots to enjoy the day that should be the most beautiful in the life of a woman , the birth of his son.

Amanda Rodríguez Sánchez Matron

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