Adaptation to the nursery: the first day

The first day of daycare It is a difficult time for parents and children since it is the first time that both are separated. The day in which the child enters the world of school lives an important separation, breaks an affective bond with the figure of attachment, which is usually the mother or father, causing a conflict that parents will have to face.

From then on, the child will begin a period of adaptation to the nursery in which he must gradually assimilate the rupture of that bond. This period of adaptation is going to be fundamental to determine what will be his attitude towards the school now and in the successive stages of education.

At this time it is essential that parents deal with the different reactions of their children in that first separation. Parents should always bear in mind that the incorporation of children into daycare is a radical change in their usual routine: now they must obey adults who are not their parents, share space with other children and respect new rules.

8 guidelines to face the first day of daycare

Thus, this new stage carries with it a double concern for parents: choosing a school correctly for your children and preparing them for that first day. Although there is no infallible formula, it is important to consider a series of factors to overcome that first day successfully.

1. Start gradually. The period of adaptation to the nursery should be gradual. At the beginning, to improve the adaptation, the parents must take the children to the nursery a little time (a few hours) and go lengthening this time progressively until the children get used to it.

2. Demonstrate security. Many times parents and children suffer equally on this first day, however parents must always demonstrate confidence and confidence regarding the decision they have made that their child begins day care. The feeling of doubt or sadness can be perceived by the child and increase their insecurity or fear of separation.

3. A known object. Although it should not become an everyday rule, to make it easier for your child to acclimate to a place unknown to him, it may be beneficial for that first day to be allowed to bring his favorite toy to the classroom.

4. Strengthen the child's confidence. The moment of farewell is a complicated moment for parents and children. The most important thing is to strengthen the confidence of the child, sometimes just a hug and a few words of love without showing any hint of insecurity or sadness on the part of parents.

5. The farewell must be fast. Do not leave without saying goodbye: it is essential, that is, we should not go "on the sly" without saying goodbye to the child since the only thing that parents would get is that the child saw the dismissal as an abandonment.

6. A single farewell. It is normal for the child to cry so it will not be beneficial for him to comfort him, to stay with him until he stops crying or to return to the time to check that he is calmer. In this way, the child can check the concern of their parents and increase their sense of insecurity.

7. Punctuality at the time of collection. When the first day of daycare has come to an end, it is important that parents are on time to pick up their child and that they see that they have fulfilled their word of going to pick it up at the same time as the other children. Also, it is necessary to be interested in what he has done during the day and to know his first impressions to the extent that he can share them.

8. Contact with the teaching staff. After the first day of day care it is important that parents exchange impressions with the teachers who have been in charge of their children, know what reactions they have had, if they have managed to interrelate with the rest of the classmates or if they have had any behavior outside of normal.

Patricia Núñez de Arenas

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