María José Olesti, new director of The Family Watch


María José Olesti is the new General Director in Spain of The Family Watch, an Institute of studies for the family, that from the analysis of the social reality of the family, and from an interdisciplinary perspective, is dedicated to the preparation of studies, proposals and initiatives, so that the family is better known, and receives appropriate treatment and attention to the functions that it develops in society.

The General Board of Directors has just appointed María José Olesti, who replaces Ignacio Socias who will focus on directing the International Area. This appointment arises as a result of the growth that has occurred in its activities both in Spain and in international institutions.

The Family Watch was born driven by the International Federation for Family Development, an international organization dedicated to the coordination of initiatives in favor of Family Counseling. It is present in 65 countries, and is a member with General Consultative Status in the Economic and Social Committee (ECOSOC) of the United Nations.

Comprehensive plan to support the family

As indicated by María José Olesti, the new general director, "we are going through decisive moments, in which the family is being increasingly taken into account and this is reflected in the Comprehensive Family Support Plan prepared by the government or the recent Fiscal Reform, initiatives in which The Family Watch has actively intervened. "

In her inauguration of the position, María José Olesti insisted on "maintaining the idea of ​​strengthening the activity in our country, without neglecting our participation and work in international institutions." We try to consolidate the concept of sustainable family, that is, , the one that most effectively fulfills the functions assigned to it by society, there is still a lot to be done to achieve a true family perspective, which will lead us to make the family institution more and more known so that it receives the treatment and the adequate attention to the functions that it develops in society ".

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