Ideas for children to help us with the return to school

Sometimes, it is hard for parents to face the so-called return to school. We throw ourselves up a lot of preparations, last minute purchases, products to buy in different establishments, clothes that have to be tested to see what is still useful and what needs to be replaced by larger sizes, without noticing that the children, themselves , they can help us.

And is that in the rush, we forget that our children should not be mere spectators of these preparations. They could help us in many tasks. Maybe some things, depending on the age of the children, take a little more time, but it's worth trying. Here are some ideas for children to help us with the return to school.

Ideas aimed at children older than 4-5 years

- Let the children decide the material they can still use. They better than anyone can review the things of the previous year and decide which are still a few months ahead to save costs in the return to school. Uniform and clothes, stuches, pens, folios, gomets, paints of a thousand colors, backpacks ... They will be the ones who will have to decide if we can reuse it. Many things, despite the desire that all children have to release new material, will surely be in good condition and you can save some money.

- Mark clothes and material. A task that is sometimes hard because we have many small things, especially with the little ones. There are clothing markers that are simple stamps. Children will be able to mark their own clothes if we orient them well on where to do it. Take it as an investment. At the beginning you will have to take care that they do it well, but when they learn, there will be no one to stop them!

- Let them become familiar with their books. It is not an essential preparation, but it will help them to make contact with the textbooks and to face the course better. They will start school with a material they already know and they will not feel strange. One less thing you'll have to get used to!

- Give them small "homework" at home, according to your age, so that leaving home is more bearable for you. Let them dress alone, make their bed, pick up the breakfast cup ... They are small things that will not only give them autonomy in their daily lives but will make it easier for everyone to be ready to leave the house at the right time. With this, if you can start before school starts, better than better.

- Let them be the ones who choose their extracurricular classes. We all know how important English is, many parents would like us to study what we could not study. Sometimes, looking for those perfect music or English classes we forget that what the child wants is something else. These extracurricular classes, half imposed or accepted through long negotiations, usually end in failure. Do not resist or inform more of the account: everything is tremendously beneficial for children because knowledge does not take place, let them be the ones who decide. On the 2 or 3 options that they give you, you will look for the best center and offer more easily than on your 2 or 3 options and yours.

These are some of the ideas for going back to school in which children will be the main protagonists. Always supervised by you, but taking the reins of the situation. After all, it is they who start school, we only accompany them in the process.

Diana Martín, director ofMom has a plan

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