Traffic accidents, how to prevent them

The traffic accidents they are the first cause of infant death In our country. A traffic accident is a serious event at any age, however, children are more exposed. Complying with basic safety standards, correctly using child restraint systems and instilling notions of road safety education become essential when it comes to prevent traffic accidents in children.

On car trips, protect your children

The children should always be subject with a suitable chair. When a child goes as a passenger of a car, the risk of injury in an accident is reduced by 75% if the child travels safely in an approved child restraint device (there are 5 different types depending on the age and size of the child), whose use is mandatory by law in all children of less than 1.35 m height. even on short trips. Above 1.50 m, the child must be subject to the seat belt.

It must not never carry the child in his arms, even at low speed. A sudden braking, a small shock can cause serious injuries.

We must ensure that children go always sitting: the car is not a place to jump, throw things, etc.

Remember to Always block doors and windows back with the children's insurance.

When you go to leave the garage, surround the car before riding, the child can be behind and we might not see it in the rearview mirror.

Children as pedestrians

While all pedestrians run the risk of being run overThere are two age groups in which the danger is greater: when they are small children and when they are elderly.

Children, because of their short stature, find it more difficult to have a complete view of what is happening around them, and they are also more difficult to see. On the other hand, they have difficulty calculating distances and speeds of vehicles that move on public roads.

Children should learn to cross the street safely, looking before on both sides, crossing through the crosswalks when the traffic light is green and the cars have stopped. Sometimes it happens to parents that when we find the red light, we see that no vehicle is approaching and we are tempted to cross. It is very important that you see us wait for the light to change to green, our example is vital. In addition, we exercise patience, which will never hurt us.

Also, teach them to walk the part interior of sidewalks, be careful when exiting the garages and play only in areas far from traffic lanes.

On the other hand, another danger factor is the lack of attention. Children are easily distracted by any stimulus: the call of a friend, a ball that escapes them, a dog that crosses, a toy that falls out, etc. We must be pending of them at all times.

By bicycle: children always with a helmet

Children should not drive on dangerous roads (such as the roads where cars also circulate), but in parks, roads reserved for bicycles, etc. Adolescents must respect the rules, signal maneuvers in advance and avoid driving at night. Using the bike lane avoids accidents. On a motorcycle or moped: always with a helmet (mandatory use by law).

What should parents do?

The best way to teach is giving a good example (for example, always using the safety belt). The children copy the family models. As drivers: prudence, respect the rules and signals, do not drink alcohol and avoid circulating to excessive speeds prevents a large part of traffic accidents.

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