Being an optimist increases life expectancy

Thinking that everything will be fine and acting with confidence when difficulties arise is the most effective psychology option since it helps our body and mind to function better. It has been shown to be an optimistic person helps increase life expectancy more than other means such as quitting smoking or lowering cholesterol levels.

Seeing each day with its best face lengthens life expectancy more than the reduction and control of cholesterol and smoking. The most optimistic people tend to suffer fewer diseases. If we are happier, we can live even 5 years longer than those who are not..

"Optimistic people usually maintain a healthier life, they take care of themselves more, appreciate and value how important life is, "explains the professor of Behavioral Sciences at the University of Oviedo, José Antonio Flórez Sánchez.

The crisis has increased between 5 and 8 percent the rate of mental illness:anxiety, depression, sleep disorders and suicides. But happiness has to do with oneself. Even in the worst situations we can be happy. The possession of goods is not happiness, qualifies the professor.

Benefits of optimism

- Better emotional health. Optimistic people have a better emotional response to the circumstances, which translates into less cortisol concentrations, cause of stress, and more dopamine and serotonin, the neurotransmitters involved in emotional well-being.

- Greater personal achievementsRecent studies have shown that optimistic people perform better than those who are not.

- Longer life expectancy. Optimistic people usually have a longevity greater in five years to those who have a more pessimistic life.

How to boost optimism

- Set realistic goals, in this way you will help increase your level of self-confidence and motivation once your goals are achieved after the effort.

- Have an adequate balance between the challenges you propose and your abilities. We must face challenges that involve an effort in our life but that we can overcome.

- Manage defeats correctly. Know the consequences of our actions, know the resources and manage the defeats analyzing and setting new goals.

Noelia de Santiago Monteserín

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