Olive oil, health benefits

The benefits of olive oil consumption, so characteristic of our Mediterranean diet, are many, and that is why it is healthy to include it in our diet. Olive oil and, especially extra virgin olive oil, It is rich in antioxidants, vitamin E and fatty acids.

It is indisputable that food plays a fundamental role in our health and in the promotion or reduction of diseases and other processes of physical degeneration. And in the smallest of the house, it is not different. Thus, it is increasingly recommended to introduce olive oil into the diet of children at younger ageseven to mothers during the pregnancy and the period of lactation.

How much olive oil to consume

The balanced fat composition and other components make oil a great resource for the development of diets. The difference that extra virgin supposes is that because it is less treated, it conserves better the bioactive components of the original fruit.

It is one of the oldest vegetable fats and composes the main source of lipids of the Mediterranean diet. Therefore, consuming it in an exaggerated way will not be beneficial for our health, since we would gain weight. It is estimated that a Forgetful use of forget oil round 50 grams daily, about three tablespoons.

Olive oil in children

In the case of olive oil, every time we find more evidence about its positive action in the body, to the point of being considered the main responsible for the beneficial effects of the traditional Mediterranean diet.

Olive oil is beneficial for children because it is positive for The correct development of the bone system and stimulates the growth and absorption of calcium. Help prevent Childhood obesity and overweight, since it is responsible for improving the metabolic functions of the endocrine system.

Benefits of olive oil

- The game of the olive is capable of exerting very positive effects on the hepatic, pancreatic and biliary functioning. The stimulating action on the secretion of the pancreas and the improvement of bile, favors the assimilation of the fats consumed during feeding. In the case of the liver, an improvement in detoxification capacity seems evident, which is an important contribution to health.

- Preserves neurons slowing the processes of brain aging.

- Favors mineralization and skeletal development during growth, as well as, protects against the loss of calcium at older ages.

- Help improve the digestive processes already mitigate constipation Chronic

- Acts in benefit of diabetes.

- Prevents certain types of cancer, as in the case of breast cancer.

- Help the cardiovascular system. It is able to level the different types of cholesterol, reducing those with harmful effects on the body, the time that improves the presence of the popularly called good cholesterol.

- Prevents arteriosclerosis, that is, the formation of fatty deposits inside the veins and arteries that reduce blood circulation.

Noelia de Santiago Monteserín

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