Vary from one day to the next

Women, as a rule, are very conscientious about changes in our weight. If you have ever noticed that your weight changes drastically from one day to the next, you must reassure yourself, you are not the only one who goes through this situation.

Rapid weight gain and stomach swelling is more common than you imagine. The question is what causes this rapid and strange weight gain?

According to María Isabel Lopera, head of the Nutrition, Dietetics and Antiaging Unit of the Beatdream Institute and collaborator of, "we live in a country where there are four seasons and a high atmospheric humidity and the Mediterranean genes determine a physical , in what refers to adipose tissue, differs from other regions of the planet. "

Factors that affect weight variation

The weather it is one of the triggers of the rapid variation of our body. The vascular system and adipose tissue they help us to regulate the temperature of our body, around 34 or 35 degrees Celsius, through the retention of liquids.

For example, in summer, our body acts as do camels, so we noticed the need to drink more water and our urine is more concentrated because it tends to retain more fluids to control the internal temperature compared to the external.

Causes that cause our weight to vary

- The workday. Working hours and the pace of life are not adapted to the recovery needs of the body and, as a rule, live in constant stress. If we do not generate melatonin, the body will be under stress, and this produces cortisol hormones. Cortisone generates more imbalance and more inflammation and therefore more fluid is retained.

- Sleep eight hours. Sleep more than eight hours helps you lose weight, it is always better to relax with natural options since the medicines that help you fall asleep cause more fluid to accumulate.

- In women, we intervene the menstrual cycle, in the days before the rule, liquids are retained so that the body is better prepared for a possible pregnancy.

How to combat sudden changes in weight

- The key tool to control weight is to perform physical exercise. Physical activity helps control hormonal functioning and functions such as sweating help balance the body.

- Control of emotions and combat stress It helps to achieve a healthy weight. This is because the brain is the one that sends hormones, and therefore, has an important role in weight regulation. On the other hand, adipose tissue works in the same way as the brain and is able to capture emotions, hence it is important to control moods to prevent weight gain.

Noelia de Santiago Monteserín


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