The appropriate toys for children from 12 to 18 months

The child is already one year old, and from 12 months to 18 he will be subject to numerous changes in his development. This will acquire greater mobility and self-sufficiency, and your sensorimotor intelligence will allow you to manipulate objects. The baby will develop his intelligence and his knowledge, and little by little he will be able to give different solutions to different problems that are presented to him.

Toys for children from 12 to 18 months

- Plastic blocks to stack and throw.

- Toys for the bathtub.

- Toys that represents the human body.

- Rubber dolls, plush or cloth.

- Toys for construction.

- Toy phones.

- Puppets of finger or glove.

- Slates.

- Form games.

- Musical toys.

- Activity stories.

- Strollers.

- Drag toys

- Rockers

- Swings

- Tricycles.

Benefits of these toys in the development of children

These toys present a series of advantages for the development of children, which is present in the following areas:

Cognition area. Children can identify their toys and imitate activities related to the function of objects. It is good to enhance the spontaneous play of various objects by demonstrating their functions.

Communication and language area. They can follow simple commands made with words or gestures related to the toy, associate words with actions and with toys and emit sounds, words or gestures from the toy.

Area of ​​personal autonomy. They express their preferences regarding toys. They take the toys from a basket or shelf.

Socialization area. Thanks to his cognitive and cerebral development, the child is able to give a toy when asked, spontaneously share toys with the adult or another child and play alongside other children.

Ana Vázquez Recio

Source:Toy Industry Research Association AIJUGame, toys and early attention.


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