Food safety during pregnancy

During pregnancy, the immune system goes down, which puts the pregnant mother in situation of risk of contracting diseases among them, food type. It will be more difficult to counteract the harmful organisms that present some foods during pregnancy.

Therefore, it is very important that pregnant women know basic precautionary rules for feeding, advice on food handling and how to eat outside the home.

Monitors food safety during pregnancy

1. The four main rules of food safety must be taken into account, which are washing hands and surfaces where we cook, separating food that may be bad or dated, cooking at adequate temperatures and freezing food quickly.

2. Be cautious with methylmercury, a metal that can be found in fish and that can be harmful to the fetus. Fish has to be present in the diet of pregnant women but you have to avoid eating certain types such as swordfish, shark, king mackerel or panga.

3. Prevent against listeriosis, caused by bacteria that can be found in some prepared foods, contaminated vegetables or fruits, or refrigerated foods ready to eat. To avoid this, you have to freeze these foods when you buy them.

4. Avoid toxoplasma gondii, a parasite that is found in undercooked or raw meat, among which is cured ham, or in contaminated water. You have to cook at adequate temperatures and avoid drinking water that we do not know is safe to drink.

How to eat away from home

Eating in a restaurant during pregnancy requires certain precautions to control that the food served is safe. Some tips that you can take into account when you eat away from home are the following:

- Examine that the place where we are going to eat is clean. And wash our hands with soap and water before eating. Alcohol-based wipes should not be used.

- Examine the menu and choose safe foods.

- Ask that the dishes that carry meat, fish, bird or eggs they are cooked correctly, without leaving them raw.

- Avoid eating raw foods like sushi or sashami or molluscs like mussels, oysters and clams.

- Do not ask fish containing methylmercury, raw sprouts, freshly prepared beverages such as juices or smoothies and raw eggs.

- You throw the products that have to be refrigerated and that they are more than two hours at room temperature.

- Take special care with the foods that we ask to take, regarding transportation and conservation.

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