How to learn to be sociable from the cradle

Sociability starts from the baby's few months and arises because of the relationship it has with others. One of the keys to this learning will be the imitation of their parents. Therefore, we must teach them to listen, speak, observe and have a correct deal with objects,to effectively promote their psychic, intellectual, affective and emotional development.

When the socialization begins

From the cradle, the process of sociability can begin. Children who rarely see new faces will end up being more introverted and will have a hard time relating to other people. From very small we can accustom them to have a good behavior.

Parents, educators of sociability.

Much of a person's ability to communicate with others in the right way is due to the amount of practice he or she has had. That is, when a child of one and a half years old approaches his parents to tell them a story, he expects a response from the host.

Between four and seven years, the age of the whys takes place. During this stage, the child will love learning and will have a great enthusiasm for knowing how to do things well. Therefore, it is important to teach the child with love and patience to contribute to his psychic, intellectual, affective and emotional development. Your knowledge of being young or adult will depend on the attention given to you by your parents in childhood.

- Know how to listen When a child speaks to us, what is important is the listening attitude that we demonstrate so that he acquires the habit of communicating with his parents.

- Talk. One of the keys to learning is imitation. If we want our children to speak correctly, let's talk to them correctly. It is important to speak in an elegant tone of voice and use expressions such as: please, thank you, sorry ... So that they end up assimilating it by imitation.

- Observe. They will be attentive if we help them to observe from a young age. In the first three years of a child's life, the awakening of the senses takes place and it is the right time to develop this capacity.

Educate family sociability

The education of good manners begins in the family. In the coexistence with the brothers they acquire life experience, develop their generosity and strengthen ties.

The level of treatment and coexistence between siblings depends on the affection they have. Any alteration of mood can go to treat with the most basic courtesy. Do not put the cry in the sky because every now and then there is a series of friction between the brothers. Neither the children nor the parents are perfect.

Personal objects and sociability

It is proper that at certain ages, almost all we hear from children about all the objects that surround it is a "mine, mine". They tend, as a general rule, to develop the instinct of possession. That is why we must be vigilant that children learn:

- TO respect the properties of his brothers and of others

- TO be generous and to lend things.

- To use the material goods with lordship, without being enslaved.

The best time for the child to learn to relate to others through objects is around two years.

Noelia de Santiago Monteserín

Advice: José Fernando Calderero, Doctor of Educational Sciences from the Complutense University. Author of the book: Educate for coexistence. Social relations of children from 2 to 7 years old, of Editorial Palabra.

Click here if you want to get a free sample of the first chapter of the book.

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