Take care of your health to enjoy summer

Millions of people will be traveling during this summer to national or international destinations, but going on vacation is not synonymous with disregard for our health. Our first responsibility begins at the time of packing: anti-mosquito, a comfortable and breathable footwear, a first aid kit with self-care medicines and sunscreens should not be missing.

"On vacation, we break the routine that our body is used to, we practice new activities, we expose ourselves in a much more intense way to natural agents such as water or sun, and if we travel to distant or exotic destinations, our body has to to adapt in a record time to the environmental conditions, to the new schedules and to the gastronomy of the place.This is not always easy ", affirms Dr. Garre, medical advisor of Laboratorios Cinfa.

Tips for a healthy vacation

- Protect your skin. We are on the beach or in the mountains, on vacations we always spend more time outdoors. Expose your skin too long in the sun and without protection can cause burns. Our skin does not forget. First of all, we must avoid exposing ourselves to radiation from 12 noon to 4 o'clock in the afternoon. Therefore, you should not miss in your suitcase all kinds of protectors of factor 30 or higher that protect you against UVA and UVB radiation. And to complete, do not forget the hat and sunglasses.

- Increase the consumption of fruit and vegetables in your diet. The change of scene and move away from the daily routine and food make constipation a regular companion. To avoid this, it reinforces fiber-rich foods, fruits and vegetables. Doing a little exercise will also favor intestinal transit.

- Take care of your feet. The Association for Health Care (ANEFED) recommends paying special attention to the care of our feet, as it is one of the parts of our body that most damage occurs in summer. Due to visits to the pool or the beach, changing footwear and excessive sweating, it is common to have rough heels, chafing or blisters. How to avoid it? Easy, use a more comfortable footwear, breathable, with some cushioning and that does not tighten the foot excessively. In addition, to complete the care, you can make use of limes or "pumice stone" that will help you to alleviate possible inflammations of the foot and to eliminate dead cells. It is also essential to use flip flops in common areas or pools to prevent the development of fungi.

- Drink a lot of liquid. In summer we must watch our hydration very thoroughly. That is why it is important to know when, how and how much to drink. Drinking at least two liters of water is important, whether we want to fight the heat or face intestinal problems.

- Wear loose clothes and move. Wearing tight clothing discourages the circulation of our body causing the sensation of tired legs and fluid retention. If we make long trips, whether by car, train or plane, it is important to move the feet and legs to promote circulation, walking if possible or making turns of the ankles.

- Do not stay with the wet swimsuit. Wet clothing after the dip helps the growth of bacteria that can cause cystitis or urinary tract infections, so we must put on dry clothes as soon as possible.

- Avoid mosquitoes. They love the sweet and intense aromas, for that reason we will do without colonies or soaps with these characteristics. In areas with a greater proliferation of mosquitoes it is convenient to wear clothes that cover the entire skin, use mosquito nets in the rooms and, above all, apply mosquito repellent.

- Prepare yourself against tropical diseases. If your destination this holiday is an exotic and paradisiacal place you should go a couple of months before to an International Vaccination Center to inform you about the necessary precautions to follow.

- Have your kit ready. Oxygenated water, skin disinfectants, sterilized gauze and tape will help you clean and heal any wound right away. Analgesics, anti-flu, antidiarrheals and antihistamines can not be absent.

Noelia de Santiago Monteserín

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