Learn Environmental Awareness with origami

The subject of Knowledge of the Environment is a very extensive range to work different unconventional resources. In this sense, the folding of paper becomes an extraordinarily useful method to build learning, summarize classes or simply make what we call educational toys, ie, folded models that combine fun with manipulative learning.

All the contents of the subject have multiple figures and explanatory folding. Plants, animals, the human body, climate, geography, physics ... everything can be explained with a simple sheet of paper and the technique of origami.

Origami in school of children

There are very special and very unknown cases in which you can fold the map of a community, convert it both in plan and in three-dimensional object, make summary books on the subject, propellers that show the movement of the air, works in folded paper that show the section of a volcano, a flower, a tree, leaflets self-made by students about the sectors of work, national parks, animal classifications, bodily apparatuses ...

And what is truly more important: all these works are made by the student, without the help of the teacher. They are simple and highly effective models. With the origami you can really achieve the goal so many times sought to "instruct by delighting".

How to study Media Knowledge with origami

1. Flowerpot book. A book that unfolds and allows you to show the outside and inside of different bodies

2. Diorama. A simple way to build natural scenarios formed by your plants and animals. How to make a habitat in a few minutes!

3. Apparatus of the human body. A fun game about the human body and its main devices. It is folded, colored and played to learn its main parts. Completely handmade!

Javier Caboblanco Brasero.Primary Teacher and member of the Spanish Association of Origami. Author of School Origami

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