Child accidents: choking

The choking It is one of the most common childhood accidents of childhood. As the baby grows, it acquires the ability to move, turn, observe and take everything to the mouth. Especially after four months, when they begin to explore the environment and want to discover the world around them. If you know what you should do in these situations, you can save a life.

Choking often happens quickly and unexpectedly, creating a lot of anguish in parents because of the possibility of suffocation. Hence the importance of knowing how to act in this situation.

We can speak of choking when a foreign body, whether a piece of food, a piece of a toy or some small object, enters the airway, obstructing it and preventing air from entering the lungs.

How to act on choking in infants

If the infant is conscious, cries or babbles, it is a sign that the air is passing through the airways. What you should do is call emergency first.

If the infant is conscious, we will place it upside down on the forearm, with the lower head than the body. We will hold your chin with your hand and place a finger on your lower lip so that the mouth remains open and thus see the foreign body come out.

With the hand that is free, we will give you five blows to the back between the shoulder blades. If the foreign body is not expelled, the baby will be turned over. They may apply up to Five chest compressions.

If the infant is unconscious, we will perform 30 chest compressions followed by two insufflations.

How to act in choking in children

With children it happens the same as with infants. We must distinguish between whether the child is conscious or not. If you are conscious, you will be will stand and inclined, with the head lower than the body. We will pass a hand through his armpits to hold his chest and with the other hand we will give him 5 hits with the lower part of the palm of the hand in the upper part of the back between their shoulder blades. If you can not expel the foreign body, you have to start abdominal compressions or Heimlich maneuver.

If the child is unconscious, medical help is vital. While the ambulance arrives, we will perform 30 chest compressions, followed by two air insufflations in the child's mouth until recovery.

How can choking be prevented in children?

- It is convenient that there is always a adult supervising to small children while they eat.

- When the pediatrician indicates that you can start with solid food, it should be cut into small pieces, making sure that the child swallows well.

- Children should be taught to chew food sufficiently.

- It is recommended that children stay seated While they eat. If they run or play with food in their mouth, they can choke easily.

- When buying toys for small children, the age recommended by the manufacturer must be taken into account. Must avoid toys with small parts in children under 5 years old.

- The child should not be given nuts or food that can cause choking until the child is at least 5 years old.

Marisol Nuevo Espín
Sara Vázquez. Nurse Clinic Ruber International of Madrid

Video: Dramatic Video Shows Florida Officer Saving Choking Baby

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