Puberty in girls

Puberty is a period in which childhood and youth overlap. This change in children usually occurs between 11 and 19 years. Puberty is the period between childhood and adulthood during which children mature physically and sexually. It is a stage in which girls become women and boys become men. But, what triggers this change towards puberty?

The appearance of puberty

This period is especially delicate for the girl. The age at which girls reach maturity may be influenced by the printed genes, that is, a set of genes whose activity varies according to whether the genes are transmitted by the mother or by the father. This is revealed by an international study with more than 180,000 women as participants and 166 institutions around the world.

As a general rule, our inherited physical characteristics reflect a more or less average combination of the genomes of our parents, but the so-called printed genes have different weight in the influence of the genes of the father or mother.

Both types of imprinted genes were identified as determinants of the puberty moment of the children, which means that there may be a biological conflict between the genes of the father and the mother that affects the physical maturity of the child at the time of development.

If the onset of puberty begins atBefore the age of 8, it is considered premature, if in the opposite case, it is delayed more than 14 years old, it is late and you should consult with the doctor.

Effects of precocious puberty

The lifestyle, nutrition, physical activity ... All this can be a trigger for the age of maturity to appear before. Precocious puberty in girls can cause adult problems such as diabetes, heart disease and breast cancer in later life. There is a relationship between early puberty and the onset of menopause. Therefore, diseases of menopause, such as osteoporosis, appear with more intensity if the woman had her first menstruation before age 11.

Noelia de Santiago Monteserín

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