The number of births continues to decrease

By fifth consecutive year, the number of births has fallen again in Spain, according to data from the National Institute of Statistics (INE) in its latest study on population movement in 2013. Specifically, in this year, there has been a decrease in births of 6.4 percent.

The figures show that the The average number of births last year was 425,390 children. Thus, the downward trend that began in 2008 is maintained. Experts consider that the origin of these consecutive decreases in births of children in Spain originates from a lower fertility among Spanish women, but also due to the reduction in the number of women with age. fertile. The Average age of motherhood has been 32.2 years, compared to 31.6 years of the previous year.

Spain, one of the longest-lived societies on the planet

The life expectancy of Spaniards is increasing. This fact, added to the fact that the number of births decreases, converts Spanish society into an aging society in which the number of elderly people is greater than the number of children. The number of deaths last year has fallen by 3.3 percent, when dying 389.699 against 402. 950 who died in 2012.

Spain becomes one of the longest-lived societies on the planet, with the life expectancy of women of 85, 6 years and of men of 80.0. Although the infant mortality has decreased by 2.8 per thousand births, this time being the first one that is below 3,000, the data is not enough to counteract the high life expectancy in Spain, 82.8 years.

Fewer couples have married in 2013

A 8.0 percent fewer couples got married last year compared to the year 2012. One of the main causes is due to the economic crisis, which influences the decision of couples not to marry due to the high economic cost involved in holding a wedding.

In addition, the current social trend in comparison with previous years, in which couples married young, is that each time a marriage is contracted later, due in part to the fact that today the fixed stereotype of women as only mother of a family is leaving out. Thus, the average age at marriage for men is 37.3 years for men and 34.1 for women. It should also be noted that the number of marriages contracted by people of the same sex stands at 3,012, 2.0 percent of the total number of marriages contracted in 2013.

Ana Vázquez Recio

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