Urban plans with children against the heat

Enjoying vacations and free time is the goal of many families with children during the summer. To combat the heat there is nothing better than to think about water activities so that children have fun and have a good time. Fountains, water parks, theme parks, swimming pools ... discover the most interesting proposals to make good plans with children this summer.

Cooling parks to have fun with children

One of the favorite plans of the youngest will be, of course, the Water parks, theme parks and amusement parks. All of them, each one with its particularities and summery proposals against the heat, are an ideal option to spend a fun, different day and with a multitude of stimuli for the little ones.

At this time of the year, water parks turn to their children and family audiences, and reopen their facilities always renewed, as the Aquopolis of Villanueva de La Cañada in Madrid, what this year he dresses in Hawaii to give an exotic touch to its facilities with an original proposal that has filled its beaches with characteristic umbrellas from other latitudes.

Also theme parks, like the Warner Park reopens its facilities with a new proposal: the Warner Beach, an area of ​​completely new water where we can see walking characters like The Flintstones or Scooby Doo and their friends. We will see what models of swimsuits or bikinis have chosen.

Swimming pools and fountains for swims with children

Although these proposals are fun and highly anticipated by children, they clearly can not become an option for every day, so it is essential to look for alternatives.

If our house does not allow us to have a small pool, not even the small inflatables in which children spend it as on the very shore of the sea, we recommend some equally fun options:

1. The nearest municipal pool. Lower rates and not too busy during the week.
2. Parks with reservoirs and large areas of groves, like the famous Retiro de Madrid, El Capricho, La Quinta de los Molinos, etc. Always in the Spanish capital.
3. Parks with sources: in Madrid we have a beach area in Madrid Río, a complex of three different sources that wet the visitors in a variety of ways and become the delights of children.

Diana Martín Nieto. Director of Mama has a Plan

Video: Part of the Plan: Home and Heat

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