Kia Carens, more breadth for families

The new Kia Carens is a family minivan, in which many tall competitors like the Ford C-Max, Citroën C4 Picasso, Chevrolet Orlando, Opel Zafira, Peugeot 5008, Renault Scenic or Dacia Lodgy, among others. The Kia Carens comes with a completely new development, a slightly shorter body and solutions to make family trips more enjoyable and safe.

New stylized image

The image of the new Carens is more stylized, with the front cabin that gives a more sporty appearance. Although it is shorter than the previous model, the longer wheelbase gives it more amplitude, with capacity for five passengers or seven if the option of third row of seats is requested, as standard in the upper termination, Emotion.

In the interior layout, the sidewalks of the second and third row are run and in the case of the second, the central square is somewhat narrower and the entire sidewalk can be moved to give more space to passengers in the third row. This last row is not as wide as the previous one, correct for children but not so much for adults, since the sidewalk is lower than normal. In the configuration of five seats the capacity of the trunk is 536 liters, which is possible to expand to 1,694 liters folding the second row of seats. In the case of carrying seven seats, there is a space of 103 liters for luggage and 1,650 liters with all seats folded. An interesting fact that affects the comfort and use of the cargo compartment is that the ground is completely flat in all cases. In addition, it has numerous gaps to leave the things we need to have nearby.

Three finishes for the new Kia Carens

The Carens sells for 14,990 euros and is available in a range with three levels of finishing, Concept, Drive and Emotion. From the base level, it has a series of LED daytime running lights, bars on the roof, electric and heated mirrors, CDE and MP3 radio, with auxiliary USB connections, for iPod and Bluetooth, steering controls on the steering wheel, on-board computer, cruise control with speed limiter and air conditioning, among other elements.

The intermediate Drive adds 16v-inch alloy wheels, folding exterior mirrors with built-in flasher and electrochromic intern, rain and light sensors, rear parking sensors, automatic dual-zone climate control and inside the "Style" package, with a different tonality of upholstery, dashboard and control with improved design and quality, including door finishes in faux leather.

Finally in the Emotion finish, the bench is added as standard to complete the seven seats, 17-inch wheels, tire pressure control system, combination of rear optics with LED technology, panoramic sunroof, instrument panel Supervision , navigator with parking assistance camera, electronic start button system with intelligent key and front parking sensors.

More security in the Kia Carens

It is important to note that the electronic stability program, standard throughout the range, helps in case of sudden braking. This system applies the proper brake pressure on each of the wheels and reduces the power of the engine to maintain control of the vehicle.

Within the aforementioned finishes, customers will be able to choose three types of engine for their cars. One 1.6-liter GDi gasoline, with 135 horses and two 1.7-liter diesel CRDi VGT in two power levels, with 116 and 136 horses. All are coupled to a six-speed manual gearbox and are expected to later also have an automatic transmission, although the brand has not yet given a date.

As a summary we can say that this new Carens has gained much in quality, as is happening in all models of the Korean group. It is more functional for family use and its behavior on the road has also improved. It should be noted that the driving is very similar to that of a passenger car and the usual fluctuations in this type of vehicles higher than normal have been eliminated.


Engine: Gasoline 1.6 GDi 135 HP. Diesel CRDi 1.7, 116 HP and 136 HP.
Transmission: Front-wheel drive and 6-speed manual transmission.
Brakes: Discs, ventilated front, with ABS.
Address: Of electrical assistance.
Benefits: Maximum speed, 186 and 191 km / h.
Long wide high: 4.52 / 1.80 / 1.61 meters.
Capacities: Trunk 103/536 / 1,694 liters. Deposit, 58 l.
Prices: From € 14,990 to € 24,095.

Video: Kia Carens Review - with my special guest Jynwayne

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