Museums in romantic houses and palaces

There is no doubt that museums are an ideal place to enrich children culturally and can be very interesting if we organize the visit also thinking about them. For this reason, we propose a route through two different museums in Madrid, with which children will not only see museums, but will enjoy an outdoor walk through the center of the Spanish capital.

We have chosen museums that are found in houses and palaces, which are always more entertaining than the classical art galleries, for example, because they can imagine the life of a family in these spaces, look at furniture, lamps, windows and their views, etc.

Cerralbo Museum, in Plaza de España

In this museum, we can see many artistic pieces between painting, sculpture and ceramics mainly. In total, some 50,000 works that make this one of the most valued museums in Madrid. It is one of the examples of the daily life of the Madrid aristocracy of the last century, suggests to the visitor the memory of ballroom dancing, literary gatherings and other romantic scenes.

This Cerralbo Museum promotes family activities every Thursday, especially designed for children to learn the usefulness of certain pieces and learn about the history of the most famous works of the museum playing.

Museum of Romanticism, in Court

We continue our walk through Madrid in Tribunal, one of the most famous neighborhoods among young people where the Museum of Romanticism is located. He can find everything related to the romantic era and imagine the typical bourgeois life of the 1840s approximately.

This Museum shows some of the great technological advances in domestic life, such as the romantic transformation of personal hygiene, with the first toilets or toilets of the time.

In the Museum of Romanticism, activities for children are frequently developed, such as reading and music workshops that will take place this June. And it is not easy to understand romanticism without the works of the most famous authors of the time, Verdi, Chopin, Beethoven ... All of them together with their most famous instruments will be the protagonists of these activities in the museum.

More museums to go with children.

Diana Martín, Mama's director has a plan

Video: Buckingham Palace Model (Miniatures Museum of Taiwan / 袖珍博物館 / 袖珍博物馆)

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