Anti-wrinkle creams, choose the cheapest

Fighting against wrinkles is a difficult battle to win with homemade methods such as the application of facial creams and provided you do not enter an operating room. At least this is what emerges from the reading of a report by the Organization of Consumers and Users (OCU), which has denounced that the Most anti-wrinkle creams do not manage to eliminate wrinkles.

The most surprising thing is that, according to the study, those that provide the most satisfactory results are, in general, the most economical.

The OCU technicians have analyzed 14 day facial creams for all skin types that ensure wrinkle reduction and have all been compared with a control product or standard of known efficacy. The results have been described by the Organization of Consumers and Users as "disappointing", in many cases because they promise more than they are capable of fulfilling, since they do not eliminate wrinkles and hardly reduce them.

Promises against wrinkles

Although all the creams analyzed complied with the law in the labeling, the OCU warns that the "promises" that accompany these products "are not supported by rigorous scientific evidence". Only two creams managed to reduce the wrinkles of the skin and, the rest, hardly provide optimal results. In addition, 3 of the 14 samples analyzed hydrated little, despite the fact that advertising ensured proper hydration.

Regarding prices, there are also "large" price differences per container that "do not correspond" with a "higher efficiency". The price range of creams subjected to analysis by the OCU ranges between 3 euros and 113 euros. As for the results, the anti-wrinkle creams that have obtained the most satisfactory results are the most economical. In particular, the best products for the organization are 'One Hundred Day Cream Q10, All skin types', marketed by Lidl at 2.99 euros; Y 'Eucerin Hyaluron Filler', whose price ranges between 26.90 and 39 euros.

Marina Berrio

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