Touring Tarragona with children

If we decide to enjoy rural tourism in the province of Tarragona for a few days and travel with children, we must try, of course, that at least some of the places we visit are also liked by the little ones. In the area there are many places that we can go and that will please the whole family. We relate, by way of example, five of them.

Plans with children in Tarragona

Bosc Adventure Salou, fast-paced adventures

In the municipality of the tourist town of Salou, we find Bosc Aventura Salou, an outdoor space for the practice of various activities, in which children will be able to live a thrilling adventure. It's about a family multi-adventure park located in the middle of nature, where we will find circuits of zip lines, paintball and much more. It has a picnic area, so we can take the food and spend a nice day.

Cova de la Font Major, know the life of primitive man

In the town of L'Espluga de Francolí is the Cave of the Font Major, one of the longest on the planet, with its 3590 meters in length discovered until today. In it there is a part converted into a museum, where we can contemplate the life of the primitive men who inhabited them, as well as their customs, tools and the like. Another attraction of the visit is that for her the Francolí river flows before emerging abroad.

Muria Apicultural Interpretation Center, the world of honey and bees

This interesting center has been created by the Beekeeping Association of El Perelló, the town where it is located. Its objective is to bring all the people who approach there to this wonderful world of bees and honey. Through large information panels and new technologies, the visitor goes into all the secrets of beekeeping. It is a very recommendable visit to go with children, extremely entertaining and pedagogical.

Botanical Garden of Samá Park, vegetal architecture

In Samá Park, located in the coastal town of Cambrils, we can visit a wonderful Botanical Garden that will excite, for its brightness and color, the whole family. Built in the middle of the XVIII century, it is declared a Cultural Asset of National Interest. It is a dream space, where we will see flowers, trees, fountains, ponds with water lilies and even true works of art, such as its large central building.

Aquopolis Costa Dorada, enjoy surfing

In the town of La Pineda there is a water park where children, and of course the rest of the family, will spend an unforgettable day. In it we can enjoy spectacular and exciting attractions, in many of which we are going to download adrenaline, such as the Splash, the Kamikaze, the Great Kahuna for lovers of surfing or the Boomerang. We will even find a beautiful Hawaiian beach, Aloha Beach.

Jose Maria Salinas. Director of Tuscasasrurales. com

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