The main causes of death among adolescents

The traffic accidents, HIV / AIDS and suicides they are the main causes of death among adolescents. According to a report by the World Health Organization (WHO), in 2012 they died worldwide 1.3 million teenagers

Among the main causes of death are also respiratory infections, violence, diarrhea, drowning, meningitis, epilepsy and immune, endocrine or blood diseases.

The Depression is the leading cause of disability between 10 and 19 years old. After the depression are traffic accidents, anemia, HIV / AIDS, self-harm, back or neck pain, diarrhea, anxiety disorders, asthma or respiratory infections.

The main concern is traffic accidents, which are the leading cause of death and the second cause of disability or illness in adolescence, with a higher incidence in males, which triples the death rate of young women. To combat them, the WHO recommends favoring access to public transport, tightening speed limits and alcohol consumption or determining safe pedestrian zones in the school and academic environment.

Descent of deaths due to pregnancy

On a positive note, the report shows a decline in deaths related to pregnancy or complications during delivery. In Southeast Asia it has fallen by 57 percent, while in the Mediterranean region the fall has been 50 percent, and in East Africa, it has fallen by 37 percent. In spite of these advances, maternal mortality continues to occupy the second place among the causes of death among 15 to 19 year-old girls worldwide, surpassed only by suicide.

HIV deaths increase

HIV-related deaths continue to grow among adolescents, especially in Africa, even though HIV-related deaths are declining at other ages.
However, the deaths of adolescents have decreased by up to 90 percent in Africa thanks to infant immunization programs between 2000 and 2012. Respiratory tract infections or diarrhea now occupy the second and fourth place among the causes of death among children. Young people between 10 and 14 years old. And if meningitis is added to them, all these pathologies account for 18 percent of all deaths in this age group, when in 2000 they accounted for 19 percent of all deaths.

The survey shows that one in four teenagers does not get enough exercise and that in some countries 1 in 3 young people is obese. The WHO recommends at least one hour of moderate exercise a day.

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