To the theater with my baby

For all parents, it is time to ask ourselves when we can begin to enjoy leisure with our children, from trips beyond a walk, to visit museums and theaters ... The theater approaches children in a fun and they are aware that they have it in front of them, it is a unique experience.

When to go to the theater with babies?

The theater for babies is a genre in itself, for the particularities of its composition: from its narrative form, almost always based on simple images, with plays of light, few elements but colorful and vibrant and always accompanied by catchy music and never too much strident. These mounts are recommended for babies from 4 or 6 months.

Some works for babies incorporate a small plot, the classic beginning-node-outcome, which makes the experience more fun for older children, like older siblings or cousins ​​who accompany us. It is possible that babies do not know the plot one hundred percent, but it does not lose detail.

If you want to take your children to the theater, do not hesitate to do it, although we recommend that you always do it to a work adapted for your age, especially in your first experiences. Later, when they have experienced a theatrical room with some frequency, the children admit all kinds of staging, always during a specific time.

Theater plays adapted for babies

It is essential that you inform yourself about the duration of the works. In general, it will not be longer than 30 minutes, the time indicated for children under 2 years.

Almost all baby sets, especially musical ones, usually include a part of experimentation that complements the function time and can make it exceed those 30 minutes.

The schedule of these works usually takes into account the baby schedules: the most common is a couple of passes during the morning, between 11:00 h and 12:30 h, and another pair in the afternoon, between 5:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m.. In this way, families will not have to deal with the moment when children are hungry, which, at such an early age, imposes itself on any other stimulus.

If you can, we recommend that you inform yourself beforehand about the company to know if they have experience in this type of assemblies, and about the room, in order to guarantee that they will have everything you need: elevator in case of representing the work in a plant superior or inferior, microwaves if you need it to feed the children before or after the work, changer, etc.

In Madrid, all the works for babies charge the entrance also of the children since they are the main public. Some do packages for families or special prices for adults.

Diana Martín. Director of Mama has a plan
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