Benefits of good humor for children

Between 6 and 12 years, children are in the stage of laughter: easy, spontaneous, continuous ... and happy. They are in the perfect sensitive period for us to make good humor a way of being, a position before life. The benefits of good humor for children are numerous and, among other things, it helps them to have resources to overcome the problems and dislikes that come later.

Children must be able to remember their childhood as a happy time, a few years of continuous laughter. And, for that, you have to learn to laugh with your family.

Confidence and confidence are cultivated in a cheerful atmosphere. With a friendly and cheerful attitude we may perhaps enter into intimacies that otherwise would not be possible, in the same way that we can say things that uttered in a solemn tone could be offensive. Humor always allows us a graceful exit in our reprimands or punishments, since humor is a visible sign of affection, which transpires in the desire to send a message softly. Because the joy and optimism of our home must be based on love.

What benefits does good humor bring?

There are many advantages offered by good humor to our children. Among them, we can highlight the following:

- Security in themselves.
- Your self-esteem improves.
- A cheerful and kinder character.
- They dominate pride.
- They enjoy more of the little everyday things.
- Fosters creativity.
- Revive the intelligence.
- More easy to relate to others.

How to encourage good humor at home

- Any time is good to make children laugh. We can take advantage of trips, queues in the store, etc., to remember funny anecdotes, tell a joke, say some witty phrase ...

- That parents show fun can surprise children and suppose a great example for them: act like Romeo and Juliet with your wife or husband, put voices imitating certain characters or spend some joke at dinner.

- Although the jokes told by children do not have much grace, try to listen to them and laugh so that little by little they learn to let go. In addition, it is a good way for them to get used to speaking in public.

- Through good humor, we can enjoy the simple and everyday things. Make a simple Sunday trip an adventure, enjoy the conversation or a dinner ...

- Teach the child to laugh at their own mistakes. Trips, spilling food or water on the table * it is better to laugh together and then apply a serene correction so that the next time is more attentive and does not happen again.

- Fosters good humor, but without going over. Try to make it clear that life is not laughing at all times. Some situations (visits, moments of rest) require knowing how to behave, just as there are serious conversations (for example, about studies).

- Propose to your children to organize a humor session in family gatherings in which they parody different characters or even family members. To make it more fun, you can record it on video and enjoy it all together at any other time.

Conchita Requero
Advisors: Ricardo Regidor and Rob Parsons

Video: Advantages of Having A Good Sense of Humor

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