Talk with your baby during pregnancy

You are pregnant. !! Congratulations!! Of course, you have the opportunity to create links with your child before birth. At 3 months of gestation, your baby can already receive stimuli. Talk with your baby during pregnancy and you will discover all the benefits it has for you and for him. Your five senses are already developed, so it's a good time to communicate with him, talk to him, listen to him.

The sensations of the baby in pregnancy

The learning capacity of the baby begins from pregnancy. The baby, since pregnancy, already listens, perceives, feels pleasure as well as pain, has some capacity for learning, is sociable, communicative and also has a certain degree of consciousness.
Some will think: what can the baby feel inside there or what sensations can reach him and how do they arrive? How can I know that my baby feels and lives what I live or feel?
Many mothers will have discovered, without anyone telling you, that your baby responds to certain sensations of yours, that you feel that at times it is comfortable, and sometimes you also perceive that some things that you do bother him because sometimes he move, or kick ... And if you were more attentive and attentive, you would discover an implicit communication that exists with them. Therefore, the recommendation is: talk to your baby during pregnancy.

The voice of the mother

A team of researchers introduced small micros into the uterus of pregnant women and picked up different sounds: the sounds of digestion on an uninterrupted background of breathing and heartbeat.
Under this sound background, constituted of low sounds vibrating around 24 decibels, the voice of the mother emerges between 1,000 and 5,000 hertz with all its harmonics. That is why babies, as soon as they are born, perfectly recognize your voices over any other female voice.
And if the father speaks to him during the pregnancy, he also recognizes him in that first hour after birth, and something magical happens between the three of you.

Babies do not like any music

It has also been investigated about the musical preferences of babies before birth. Do not think you like any music. The classical music of Bethoveen and Brhams is very moving, but they love Vivaldi and Mozart. They prefer soft music, both classical and folk, cheerful and harmonious songs. And they love that their mothers sing to them just like their father and brothers. And also, when they were born, they recognize some songs they had heard before and that calms them down.

They can even get to learn certain melodies. Through singing, music, we began to create links with our baby, we began to communicate with him, to transmit beauty, harmony, sweetness. The music awakens our highest feelings, our most sublime aspirations and our most beautiful ideals that are recorded in the subconscious of our baby.

The future parents and mainly the mother, we should carefully select everything that comes to us. The books we read, the images and the shows we see. Good literature, music, beauty play a fundamental role in the baby's condition.

Marina Berrio

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