Belly painting, the art of painting the belly during pregnancy

The Fashion to paint the belly of the pregnant It has had a great reception and every year there are more women who join this fun activity in the last quarter of their pregnancy. Thepregnant art, as many already call this curious way of seeing the belly of the pregnant woman in a different way, it ensures the most varied results, a beautiful memory and a smile on the face.

Immortalizing this moment of pregnancy in photographs and videos is a unique memory for most expectant mothers, who can choose the reason for their unique design with belly painting, the art of painting the belly during pregnancy.

The body painting is the English word that is used to paint the body, but if we want to specifically paint the belly of the pregnant woman we have to talk about belly painting, an art that decorates with unique designs the bellies of pregnant women. This art has a very special meaning for many women in the last stage of their pregnancy.

Artists can be professionals, or family and friends, who can experience their creative art with the belly of the future mother. The belly painting It is an ideal activity to do with the older children and with the couple, which will encourage them to become more involved with the arrival of the baby.

Why paint the belly in pregnancy?

Anxiety about the arrival of the baby in the last trimester, when the days get longer, can be mitigated with the performance of rewarding activities like this one. The belly painting, the art of painting the belly in pregnancy, is a relaxing activity for the mother, since the softness of the brushes makes a tingling in the belly, which is pleasant for any pregnant woman. Women who dare to paint their tummies will have the opportunity to prove it, since art takes time.

It is important choose harmless skin paints, that do not cause irritations and that later can be eliminated easily. The most recommended paints are those that are made based on makeup, with natural components, water based, and hypoallergenic ingredients.

The best time to paint the belly during pregnancy

The last trimester of pregnancy is the ideal time to paint your belly. Specifically, in the eighth month of gestation, the belly is beautiful to be painted because it is voluminous enough to make a good drawing and is firm and hard enough so that the chosen design is smooth.

However, the shape of a pregnant woman's belly can have different forms: it can be round or pointed, high or low ... The shape it adopts depends on one side of the mother's physiognomy in relation to the size of her baby . For this reason, even the same woman can have different gut shapes in her pregnancies.

In general, when the mother's pelvis is narrow, the gut tends to grow forward and be more pointed, since there is no space in the pelvis to house the baby. Women with broad hips usually have more round bellies. However, the position of the baby inside the uterus and the number of pregnancies also influences.
However, whatever the shape of your gut, will always be beautiful with a beautiful belly painting of your taste.

Marisol Nuevo Espín

Video: Painting the belly of my pregnant sister - Easy drawings for pregnancy

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