Exercises to stimulate your baby's ear

The Sense of hearing It is one of the most important, because a large part of the information about the world comes to us through sound. The ear is also the most developed sense of newborn. The exercises to stimulate the hearing of your baby can be considered as a game, which will also serve to reinforce the emotional bond between the parents and the baby.

The baby, since he is born, already responds to sounds: he tends to turn his head and eyes towards the strong that originates them or to remain silent. It has also been shown that there are changes in the baby's heart rate and breathing in response to sounds.

Here you will find exercises to stimulate your baby's hearing from 0 to 6 months, which will also help your concentration:

First month of the baby

Looking up.

To stimulate the ear and neck muscles of the baby, we will lie on your back. Then we will sound a rattle three times to the right of the head. We will observe how he moves it towards that side and strives to look. Repeat the exercise twice on the same side and then change to the left.

Speak slowly

If we talk to the baby slowly, with parsimony, pronouncing very well, exaggerating the intonation, etc., we will be stimulating the ear and familiarizing the baby with the voice of his mother. In addition, it will help you acquire the language skills as soon as possible and feel well.

Second month of the baby

How the rattle sounds.

It is about the baby, while sitting, following the sound of the rattle that is shaking in front of him. If you try to pick up the rattle, we will put it in your hand and move your hand to make it sound. Then we will move it slowly to the baby's right, then up and down very slowly. At the beginning, the baby will follow with his eyes only the movement, but with a little practice he will also follow it with his head.

Bells, ding, ding.

For this exercise, we will hold two bells to the baby's wrists, one with white thread and the other with black. Next, we will move his arms slightly so that he learns to associate it with the sound of the bells. We will let him move his arms and bells by himself. Every time he makes it sound, we can smile and praise him.

Baby's fourth month

What a scare!

While the child is calm, stretched on his back in his crib, we can hide and appear suddenly and ahead saying, for example, "Cuckoo." He will most likely be frightened and laugh in surprise. We will repeat the exercise changing position around the crib for one minute and observe the joy and laughter of the baby.

Sixth month of the baby

A walk through the house.

We are going to take a walk around the house: we take the child in our arms and walk around naming the different objects we see. We will help your understanding with phrases like: "tic, tac, the clock ticks, tac". With this exercise we stimulate your sense of hearing, as well as encourage and stimulate your abstract thinking.

I already read the newspaper.

While we read the newspaper, we will hold the child in our arms. You have to be calm and comfortable, so you can see the newspaper. We will read aloud and slowly, to make it a pleasant time. We can also do it with a big story, with many drawings.

Rocío Martínez-Aznar

Adviser: Ricardo Regidor. Director "Edu.com" Collection, Editorial Palabra.

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