Educational excursions for children

In educational excursions for children it is important that children understand that the abuse of natural resources causes alterations in the environment that end up negatively affecting all the inhabitants of the planet. Take advantage of these educational excursions to inculcate values ​​such as respect for the environment, responsibility and solidarity.

To educate them in these values, nothing better than to take them to a "practical" class: that they see everything for themselves in a field trip. In addition, thanks to the excursions, the observation capacity of the children can be greatly enhanced.

Values ​​that excursions bring to children

1. Respect. Teaching the child not to tear bushes or treat animals with love is an important step to acquire small notions of what is respect. You can also learn this when we tell you not to tread areas of cultivation, because there are people who live from it and find it difficult to move these lands forward. In addition, if we have the opportunity to see how our children work in the field (agriculture, livestock), we can explain how these tasks are carried out and convey admiration for them. Let's not forget that admiration and respect go hand in hand, so that teaching our son to admire the environment is to teach him to value it and to appreciate all the good that he provides us to live.

2. The responsibility. It is another virtue that the child can learn in a field trip. If we have made him see the importance of respecting the environment, the next step is that he knows how to take responsibility for it by not dumping garbage or provoking situations that could lead to an alteration of the environment. For example, before we talked about teaching you to deposit papers or plastics in a specific bag for garbage or to encourage you to help us collect the garbage we see. Not only must we involve him in the action of keeping the field clean, but we must explain to him why it is necessary to do so: to avoid fires that can devastate everything and endanger the lives of people and animals, so that animals do not ingest garbage and die, so as not to treat with disdain the work of people who live in the countryside, etc. In this way, the child will realize the consequences of their possible oversights.

3. Solidarity Our son has to know that the resources that Nature offers are a good destined to all, and therefore, abusing them can be a detriment to others. Disasters such as drought, fires, the disappearance of natural environments and deforestation or the extinction of species of animals and plants are facts that can help the child to see the fatal consequences of human abuses on the environment.

Children and the care of the environment

- The educational excursions are a very important support for the classes who will receive the child later in school. In this way, you will have a broader knowledge.

- At home we can address the issue inculcating the child the value of recycling or the need to save water and light.

- Parks, botanical gardens, zoos ... They are also places where our son can learn a lot from Nature without going too far.

- Teach the child to love Nature It also offers the opportunity to teach other more general values, such as responsibility, solidarity, respect, etc.

- That the child learn to take care of the environment it also implies that he acquires basic standards of citizenship. Do not throw papers into the field is also applicable to the city.

- It's good that the things you can learn on a trip we "extrapolate" to the home. For example, we can make him see that the milk, vegetables and meat he eats come from the work of farmers and ranchers. In this way, you will be surprised and appreciate what you have seen in the field.

- If we can not take our son to the field, from home we can also educate him in the interest for nature. There are numerous documentaries adapted for children that will be fun. We can also teach them to plant seeds or let them have fun feeding the birds or fish in the parks and ponds, among many other activities.

Conchita Requero


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