Couple, how to get it to work

What is the reason why there are couples who solve conflicts successfully, and yet others remain stagnant? In our hand is doing things right every day, but we are two in the couple, how to get it to go well. The secret lies in knowing how to value what we have, in caring for the sentimental relationship and in nurturing affection with samples of affection every day.

In pairs, we need the recognition of the other

Usually, as parents and as workers, we fulfill our obligation. It is good to keep it in mind and feel good about it. But also, we need the recognition of others.

When we do not have it, many people feel little satisfied with their lives. They demand so much of themselves that everything is insufficient for them. The result is bad humor.

The couple goes well when each one of the people who make it up is good, either at work, with their children, or with their friends ... To achieve this balance, a fundamental role that is well balanced is the relationship between giving and receive.

When you feel that you give more than you receive, and that effort is not recognized, problems arise. If you want the other to change, change first something. The conflict will always be resolved.

Factors that influence the good running of the couple

There are several factors that converge, making life as a couple go well:

- Be clear that we will always have difficulties, problems, limitations. That is normal and we can spend our lives complaining or choosing to live in peace.
- Some things have no arrangement. It happens to everyone, even if they do not say it or complain.
- There are those who develop the ability to look at the good and revel in it, enjoy. They always have a reason to be well. There really is always, but we do not see it.

Seeing the positive side of things usually helps. So, look at your children. There are usually one or several children of whom we can feel proud. We see in them the constant effort to do things well, to make life easy at home, they are good friends of their friends, they work intensively, they look at each other, they smile, they give thanks for everything and they live knowing themselves loved and supported by their parents .

There is also a certain level of health that we do not value in time and that allows us to walk, see well, hear, play sports. We consider all this normal, until an accident or a limiting illness arrives.

There IS AN ESSENTIAL MOMENT in everyone's life that should be daily, dedicated to thinking about all that is good and beautiful in each other's person. In everything he does, what he says, what he is. That we do not deserve and that he gives us for the mere fact of existing.

Mónica de Aysa

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