Milk teeth exit order

One of the most frequently asked questions of parents is when does the baby's first tooth come out? It is an unforgettable moment that usually takes place around six months of life, but the order of departure of baby teeth in each baby is different and we do not have to be overwhelmed if there is any variation.

Some children are born with teeth that are called co-natal teeth and other children can wait until the end of the year for the first tooth to come out.

How many baby teeth does the baby have?

Babies have 20 milk teeth: 10 upper and 10 lower. Temporary dentition is complete when we can see: two central incisors, two lateral incisors, two canines and four temporary molars in the upper arch and several others in the lower arch. This usually happens around 2-3 years.

In what order do the milk teeth come out?

The order of exit of the milk teeth obeys to a sequence of eruption that is very variable from one children to another. Usually, temporary incisors always start to come out.

The most common sequence is the following:
- incisors lower centrals (5-12 months)
- incisors higher central (7-10 months)
- incisors upper and lower lateral (9 -12 months)
- first molars (12 and 18 months)
- upper and lower canines (18-24 months)
- second molars temporary (24-30 months)

However, it is not a fixed rule and the advance or moderate delay of this order of milk teeth should not be cause for concern. It is enough with a consultation with the orthodontist or pediatric dentist, who is the best one to tell you what is due, and there are several circumstances that influence the order of exit of milk teeth and eruptive speed.
- The genetics plays an important factor and if the parents left the first milk teeth early or late also usually occurs in their children.
- In premature children, tooth eruption is usually delayed.

Advice for parents

- The baby's gum becomes inflamed before the teeth come out and we can see a little more reddish color. This generates discomfort that can be calmed with:

- Some teethers special teething babies.
- With local cold.
- Oral anti-inflammatories, type ibuprofen (Junifen).

- Saliva changes from PH, sometimes, during the dental eruption and we can observe irritation around the mouth or in the culete. Consult your pediatrician in this case, but we can use perioral balms to calm the area and in the culete creams for diaper rash.

- It is necessary to maintain proper hygiene during the eruption process: massage and clean the gum with a wet gauze.

The new teeth should be cleaned with a specific brush or thimble for this, to avoid cavities and complications to which they are exposed from the moment of their eruption and to avoid them is essential so that the permanent dentition does not suffer the consequences.

- And the most important thing is to have patience and pamper our baby who is upset and irritable.

Sara Hawkins Solís. Licentiate in Dentistry UCM. Master in Orthodontics UCM. Assistant Professor Master of Orthodontics UCM
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