The child does not want to go to school

The child does not want to go to school when what he receives does not like it. To solve the situation, the first thing to do is listen to him and know the reasons for his discomfort. In young children it is necessary to perform the adaptation period correctly to avoid rejection.

The change from daycare to school is usually one of the most common times when the child does not want to go to school. The child, no matter how much he hears "going to the old school", "going to a new school where he will have more friends", he finds himself with a building unknown to him in which he does not know how to move, with some faces unknown adults no matter how smiling they are and with some children at their side who do not know why they cry, but who do know that crying is caused by pain, discomfort, discomfort.

This is also accompanied by the physical separation from their parents and brothers after a summer vacation, but as he has no notion of time he does not know why it is from one day to the next. To this we must add that, in general, mothers leave children with their hearts in a fist, reflecting in their face that separation anxiety, a face that children observe and that they do not understand either.

What to do when the child does not want to go to school?

Thinking that you stay in the best educational center of your city and that in a few minutes you will be happily sharing the activities with your new colleagues. This does not mean that at the exit the child starts crying, since this fact is not related to what happened during the day.

Some children need a adaptation period longer and Sunday night may hurt your head, your gut or have a fever. These symptoms are typical of separation anxiety. The child in this situation has a bad time, suffers and really hurts his head or belly, another thing is that he has something physical in his head or gut, but the pain is real. If these symptoms persist it is necessary to go to a psychologist.

Reasons not to want to go to school

Among the reasons why children do not want to go to school, in addition to the separation of their parents, are school bullying by their peers, lack of friends, problems of self-concept or self-esteem, low performance problems if we speak of small children. If we talk about the elderly can drag the previous problems and also have to make an effort in the subjects, effort to which they are not used. In the end, a child does not want to go to school because he is not comfortable.

Inmaculada Núñez-Lagos and Bau. Psychologist Director ofGAPFamily

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