Opel Meriva, ideal for young families

Ensuring safety on a day as important as the first trip of a newborn baby to your home, is one of the many advantages of the new Opel Meriva, the small minivan ideal for young families.
An ideal vehicle to respond to the new needs that arise when a baby comes home.
According to market surveys and different surveys, customers have declared expressly choosing the Meriva for their high seating position and its comfort and ergonomics without rival. These attributes are of vital importance for Meriva's customers, which is formed mainly by young families using their small minivan as a single car

The new Meriva has 32 spaces of all kinds for storage, from the back pockets of the seats to the removable drawers under the seat and the space for bottles up to 1.5 liters in the front doors. The redesigned system it keeps the storage volume intact, while offering more legroom for passengers seated in the rear center seat, thanks to its shorter rails.

Innovations of the Opel Meriva

In addition, the Opel Meriva has four exclusive key innovations:

1.FlexDoors. System that enlarges the opening angle of the doors. While the conventional is 68 degrees, the angle of the front and rear doors of the Meriva 84 degrees, allows very easy access to passengers.
For young parents who need to sit children in the back of the car, installing the child safety seat is much easier, thanks to the wide opening angle of the doors that provide unimpeded access to the rear bench seat.

2. FlexSpace system for the rear seats, is a standard element in all Meriva. Allows the rear seats to be converted inside the passenger compartment quickly and easily and make the Meriva from a five-seater, a four-seater, three, and even a two-seater. All the rear seats can be folded completely flat independently of each other, allowing to increase the cargo volume of the boot from 400 to 1,500 liters. The Meriva seats can be easily handled with a single one-touch operation and the seat position adjustments are operated by an easy-access lever located under the seat cushion.

3. Front seats with improved ergonomics. It is unique in offering certified ergonomic seats in its segment. These provide 18 individual adjustment possibilities, meeting the most demanding orthopedic requirements and converting even long trips into relaxing experiences. The adjustments are possible in length, height, inclination of the cushion, include a four-way electro-pneumatic lumbar adjustment, a retractable support for the thighs and a 4-way active headrest.

4. Integrated FlexFix bicycle transport system. You can carry two bicycles up to 20 kg. each, with a maximum load of 40 kg. FlexFix is ​​always on board the Meriva; It slides in and out of the rear bumper like a drawer. When not in use, it simply slides in and becomes invisible inside the rear bumper of the Meriva and does not affect at all the volume of cargo in the trunk. the same as when the Meriva circulates without bicycles.

The comfort of Meriva

The new Meriva has a new rear view camera to help the driver get into the parking spaces, projecting the image on a 7-inch color monitor on the dashboard. The camera helps the driver to park safely and especially allows him to detect very low obstacles with enough time. In particular, small children who pass behind the back of the car can be detected.

To complete the total feeling of well-being of the Meriva, a function of heated steering wheel that warms hands in a minute, regardless of the outside temperature is available, together with the heated seats in different phases of the front seats. The heated steering wheel is a unique comfort option in this class of cars.

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