Ideas to forge the will of children

Almost all children have a hard time fulfilling those obligations that require more effort. Carry out an assignment, finish homework, brush your teeth every night ... in short, overcome the laziness of doing things well. However, there are a number of ideas that we can use to forge the will of children.

In order for our children to acquire the habit and the ability to strive as personal, they need to understand why do they have to sacrifice, give up the most comfortable, etc. It is the way to get want to do it by themselves and not only when the parents say it. Our example It can be a crucial motive: you should observe the joy in the sacrifices, so that you do not see this value as something heavy and unpleasant. Complaining about work, or the efforts that need to be made, helps create a family atmosphere contrary to the strength.

In addition, we must especially encourage internal motivation to educate the will: the satisfaction of the work well done, the joy of having fulfilled. Although it also helps them to satisfy dad or mom, to beat themselves, for others to have a good image of them, etc.

There are many opportunities in the daily life of the family for children to exercise the value of strength: resist an impulse, endure a pain or discomfort, overcome a dislike, dominate fatigue or fatigue, finish the tasks entrusted to the school or meet the planned study time before starting to play, fulfill family duties with constancy, etc.

Do not leave for tomorrow what you can do today

We must ensure that children are able to take actions that carry with them a prolonged effort. It is better that they set the table every day, so that one day they are all morning helping in the kitchen. This is the reason why frequent sports practice is a very suitable means to promote strength. Doing sports children have to overcome fatigue and fatigue, reach the end with perseverance Y overcome adversities. Our children must refuse many times each day to strengthen their will and reach the end of the day verifying that they have made the most of it.

Ideas to forge the will

1. Teach Do not complain

2. Teaching to do small sacrifices for the good running of the house or of the class.

3. Require that finish what you start.

4. Endure the thirst in an excursion or the heat of the summer, or the fatigue, without mentioning it every two minutes.

5. Overcome, if they still survive, childhood fears of being left alone or in the dark, shame to talk, or to recognize one's guilt, or the sense of ridicule.

6. Do not kick When things do not go as we would like, or when we suffer any setback. For example, if you lose in a game.

7. Procure eat everything and finish all the food.

8. Do homework before starting to play.

9. Get up at a fixed time and meet a schedule.

10. Do the jobs and tasks well.

11. Fulfill the order at the time planned for it, even if you do not feel like it.

12. Participate in a sports team.

13. Mark small goals and fulfill them.

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