Educational excellence in schools

The enrollment period for new students begins. At this time there are many parents who are faced with the difficult decision of having to choose a school to send that child who until now have had all day at his side. In this search, educational excellence in schools counts, a topical issue.

It is difficult to find a school that meets absolutely all the expectations of parents. The important thing is that parents are clear about what they do not want to give up for their children, and on that the choice must be based. Parents should gather all the necessary information about the centers that fit the profile sought.

Keys to analyze a school well

- Ideario: values, conception of man and education.
- Pedagogical project: teaching method, languages, special activities, follow-up with recovery, educational excursions, camps, etc.
- Human Resources: formation of the directive and teaching team, number of professors per student, psychopedagogical office, doctor, emergency system, etc.
- Organization of time.
- Number of students per classroom.
- Discipline: methods for the resolution of behavior problems.
- Physical space: dimensions, equipment, order and cleanliness. Internal and external security.
- Price: You have to ask also about the extra expenses.
- Conditions of entry.

In search of educational excellence

Schools are the engine for a shift towards greater social integration and higher quality content. Currently, motivation, effort and close observation of what is being done well in other countries are the keys to change.
Educational excellence it consists in achieving that each student obtains the maximum intellectual and moral development from his own capacities. But how is it achieved? In the first place, with the effort of the student himself, who must be actively involved with intelligence, affection and will. And secondly, with the support of parents and teachers who love him, stimulate him and demand him in an appropriate way. Leadership is one of the main features of educational excellence.

Sergio Ortega

Video: E3 Presents: Education, Equity, Excellence- Three Part Video Series

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