Ford Kuga, designed for the family

Powerful, refined, efficient and stylish, this is the New Generation Ford Kuga. An intelligent vehicle equipped with the most avant-garde technology designed to make your life easier.

Open and close the trunk without using your hands, with a simple movement of the foot, a revolutionary technology unique in the market. And much more: it has 4x4 intelligent traction system, Active City Stop or Ford SYNC.

Are you ready to meet the new Ford Kuga?

In the purity of lines of this New Generation Ford Kuga design and beauty come together to show that a picture is worth a thousand words. Its chrome waist line, the distinctive rear diffuser and its discreet luggage rack bars
The Ford Kuga is a modern vehicle, with qualities and first class finishes. The sports seats and the exclusive console surprise at first, but the details, such as the soft touch of the instrument panel and the meticulous design, will conquer.
The New Generation Ford Kuga is full of intelligent technology that makes driving easier and more pleasant, both in urban areas and on steep terrain. It also has a whole range of innovative functions designed exclusively for your comfort and convenience. In addition to a larger and more luxurious interior, you will find many practical and flexible storage systems.

Ford Kuga, what you were looking for

1. Intelligent traction If the terrain conditions change, the New Ford Kuga Generation also. Activate the intelligent traction system and instantly each wheel will receive the necessary power for a greater grip. You can even see the behavior of each wheel in the bar graph of the car's screen.

2. Park alone. Press a button and the sensors of the Active Park Assist system will find a space to park. Follow the instructions on the screen and the sound signals, you will see that the steering wheel is automatically controlled so that you only take care of the accelerator, the gears and the brake.

3. Safer speed control. The Adaptive Speed ​​Control (ACC) exceeds the conventional, because if it detects a vehicle ahead, it reduces the speed to maintain the safety distance preset. When the road is clear, it recovers the selected speed. In addition, you have the system Alert Frontal (Fordward Alert), awarded with the Euro NCAP Advanced, which warns you if you get too close to the vehicle that precedes you.

4. Power steering that uses less energy. The New Generation Ford Kuga has an electric power steering system (EPAS) that adjusts automatically depending on the situation. In addition, the innovative EPAS is only activated when necessary, thus using less energy and reduces fuel consumption.

5. Ford Active Vision. The innovative front digital camera Ford Active Vision prevents you from getting out of your lane, reads traffic signals, automatically controls the high beam and even monitors if you are tired.

Ford Kuga, designed for families

1. Open and close the electric tailgate, even with your hands occupied.Are you coming from the purchase? Do you carry the children in your arms? Rains? Move your foot under the car's rear bumper and open or close the gate without using your hands. This system only works if you carry the keyless opening command with you.

2. Easy opening and keyless start. The keyless system of the New Generation Ford Kuga allows you to open and close the doors without removing the key from your pocket or purse. Once inside the car, you will not need to use the key either. Just press the "Ford Power" start button while stepping on the clutch (or brake pedal on automatic vehicles) and the engine will come alive.

3. More space for all your things.The boot space of the New Generation Ford Kuga is now even bigger and more flexible so that you can fit everything you need in a trip during the weekend, a family holiday or a mountain break. With vertical seats you get 20% more space and when they fold, it offers about 200 liters of additional capacity.

4. Without borders. The Open-air panoramic roof offers a great feeling of lightness and spaciousness, and plenty of fresh air, thanks to its electric opening. The solar reflective allows you to keep the interior cool, while an electric curtain provides shade and privacy when you need it.

5. Ford SYNC. Advanced hands-free technology. Focus your attention on driving while controlling music and mobile with simple and direct voice commands thanks to the Ford SYNC voice system. The SYNC is so advanced that it includes a technology that warns emergencies automatically in case of an accident.

6. Simpler and safer backing with the rear camera. The rear camera is automatically activated and shows you everything behind you on a screen installed in the center console. In addition to showing you the things that you may not see, virtual lines guide you in small spaces.

The New Generation of Kuga engines reduces fuel consumption, achieving a more efficient and respectful vehicle with the environment. And with unbeatable features, you'll get great power even in rough terrain conditions of great difficulty. Definitely, an exceptional balance between performance and efficiency.

Video: Jimmy family brief the media on Ford Kuga incident

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