Games with children for an afternoon at home

Great ideas for play with children in closed spaces. Enjoy with your children these 12 games with children for a fun family home evening. Here you will find a dozen interesting and fun games to develop at home with your children, using the materials that we all have in the kitchen, in the living room, in the bathroom ...

It is not so difficult to find ideas for games with children for an afternoon at home that can entertain them and, in addition, stimulate and strengthen the family bond between all ... With or without preparation, in your room, in the kitchen, in the living room , on the terrace or in the garden; in late afternoons or in other very busy, with more or less autonomy ... You can turn a "silly" afternoon into something really exciting and enriching thanks to the invented games and the board games. And also, you will prevent boredom from making them nervous and excited, and you end up with all the nerves.

Nobody gets bored here! 12 games to have fun at home

1. Rhymes. According to the age of your children, you can give them a word or a phrase and they will have to imagine, in turn, others that rhyme. The funniest ones can write them down in a notebook.

2. Riddles. In addition to those that exist in our oral culture, which may be complicated for children, the game of "I see-see" offers many possibilities: not only can you play to guess things, but also-depending on whether you are in a room , the kitchen, a bank ... - they will have to make assumptions about the usefulness of the instruments: What is the use of that grater with a crank (Chinese)? And that knife with a vane tip (butter)? Thus they can learn the usefulness of many objects that surround them.

3. Stories. You can tell him the first scenes of a story, or have one of them read the first two pages. From there, between all will have to invent the rest of the story and reach an end. Another possibility is that you give them eight words and that they build a story and disguise themselves to tell the whole family.

4. The shopping list. If you are in the kitchen or doing household chores, tell the children the list of things that are essential at home, such as lentils, potatoes, detergent, etc. They will have to look in the cupboards and the fridge and check that there is everything. If you already know how to write, write down what you need to buy in a list.

5. Juices and smoothies. Design them, and id putting pieces of fruit or ice cream and milk in blender. With this entertaining activity we can find solved the theme of the snack or part of the dinner.

6. Fleet of nuts. Split some nuts with care to do it in half. When the children have eaten the contents, fill the sink or water basin and allow them - with the sleeves rolled up - to use the shells to organize a fleet.

7. Egg face. Cook eggs for dinner and allow the children to decorate the shells, painting faces. The dinner table will be very fun if you serve them in egg cups and knot each of them a napkin around the neck (as if it were the "neck" of the egg). With the bread you can put them a peak hat, or a wide brim, if they are sliced.

8. Master music! Any Sunday afternoon you can organize a symphony orchestra, using your own instruments: a bottle of anise with its fork, a comb wrapped in tissue paper, a box with rice, a big box with sticks or pencils to pound it ...

9. Review of the alphabet. Why do you have the impression that your library is a chaos and a dust store? And does not the same thing happen with discs? If the children already know the alphabet, you will not need more to keep them entertained for a while: order and clean the shelves. You just have to give them rags and tell them how to do it: first remove the ornaments, and then remove a shelf, clean each book and put it back by collections, volumes, height ... The discs can sort them in alphabetical order. Of course, we will have to motivate them not to take this activity as an expensive job.

10. Balloons. You do not have to get anyone's birthday to be able to inflate balloons. It will be twice as fun, if the children decorate them, before inflating them, with markers. They will be very surprised to see that the lines they drew are distorted.

11. "La Gaceta de los López" ... Give them newspapers, some folios and glue to make their magazine "collage". Holders can compose them by cutting single words from the real ones. As for the news ... What better source of information than yourselves?

12. ... and its Sunday comic. Make your own comic or story will have, if possible, even more charm, since it will be necessary to draw each character.If you do not know how to start, we can help you by drawing the first vignette, and leave the other windows empty for them to follow the story.

Teresa Pereda


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