Ideas for dad: share time with your child

Practical ideas to spend quality time with your children. Advice to exercise as a father and enjoy your leisure time with your children. Although sometimes the professional life of the parents creates difficulties to dedicate to the children as much as one would like, the important thing is to set small goals to enjoy and be with them doing activities of everyone's taste.

When the lack of time is the problem, your children will appreciate quality more than quantity.

6 tips to enjoy time with children

1. When you get home. Play with him what he likes most. Participate and teach him the way to do it.
2. At dinner time. You can take turns with your wife and give her one day each. Tell a story in the meantime.
3. In the bathroom. Play with him and make that moment a unique moment.
4. When going to sleep. Tell a story so that you notice that you get involved in it, for example, by voicing the characters.
5. When walking. Explain to him every interesting thing that you see walking, it is a way that he fixes and is interested in what surrounds him, besides giving him vocabulary.
6. In the park. Take advantage and enjoy swinging him, pulling him down the slide.

Advice for parents and dads

As a father, you must transmit to your children from a very young age security and trust

1. Applies authority with affection, do not be a "dictator" or a permissive father. It is very different to say: "It's over, to sleep you're too young to be up at this time!", That way: "Buenoooo, who is going to be the champion of the champions and goes to bed the first I am sure that I see it here, that it is watching me and that it will surprise me ".
2. Do not substitute your time for gifts nor for material things. The best present is you. From small children know how to achieve the love of their parents: with good behavior because we are happy, or jumping with joy because we give everything they ask. It's in your hands.
3. Exercises as a father. It is important that the mother be able to share her children's time with her husband, even though she thinks "she does it better". It is time to forget that "we are essential".
4. Engage in the education of children from their earliest childhood. As one becomes more involved, one feels more animated and eager to do better.

For traveling parents

If you travel a lot and you find it impossible to be with your little one during the week, take advantage of the technology: you can call him on the phone to tell him a short story and say good night; send a picture of the city you're working on online; bring you a typical game of the children of the country in which you are; put at home a web cam (small digital camera for computers) and see you every night, etc.

Natalia Hurtado. Teacher School Santa María la Blanca

More information in the book: Father's heart, of Osvaldo Poli.
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