Ideas for masks for homemade costumes

Children love to dress up. The ideas of homemade costumes they allow them to play the interpretation and their imagination is set at full speed when they are turned into a character or animal. To get to play with costumes, it is advisable to check the cupboards and make available to the children everything we see fit in order to lend a hand to become the characters they want to be.

How to make masks for homemade costumes

1. The masks that only cover the eyes they are very simple to make at home and children will put all their imagination into decorating them to get more emphasis on their disguise. Parents also have to put part of our creativity to create costumes, because in case our children are very small, it is difficult to get them right the first time, and they need us to teach them.

For this, we just have to have cardboard or colored cartons and draw on them the mask with the shape we want. After we just have to add a rubber that unite the ends of the mask or to make us with a rod and to stick it in an end, so that it is a mask to take with the hand. To decorate them, we will use sequins, glitter and everything we can think of to give it a personal touch.

2. The masks that cover the entire face They are also very easy to make: the face of a character is drawn on a cardboard or soft cardboard and after coloring it, it is cut out and the holes of the eyes are made. Finally, we will make a hole in each end of the mask (on the left and right side) and add a rubber that goes from one side to another. We knot the sides of the rubber so they do not come off and that's it, we have our mask. To the mask we can add the elements we want: wool to look like the mane or mustache of the character, ties, etc.

Facial makeup, the icing on children's costumes

To get an even more realistic effect of the disguise, a good idea is"disguise" the child's face, putting it on. For this, we can use both special waxes that are sold for this type of activities, as well as special makeup cases and hypoallergenic for the delicate skin of children.

With the waxes we must be careful when handling them because they stain a lot. With these waxes we can paint to our son some funny cat whiskers and black nose. If he wants to be a tiger, we will paint his orange face with black stripes and if he prefers to be a pirate, we can put a black beard on him.

Teresa Pereda


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