10 tips to care for atopic skin

The atopic dermatitis, very common in children, is produced by a deficit in the production of ceramides from the skin. Ceramides are a family of natural lipids, thanks to them the cells are held together and strong. With less ceramides in the skin, there is a decrease in the baby's skin defense function, which can cause inflammation, itching, redness and dryness.

In general, atopic dermatitis causes outbreaks, that is, there are acute periods of the disease and periods of remission. The main advice, especially in the case of children, is to avoid scratching so as not to make the skin worse.

Tips for caring for atopic skin

For try reduce the number of outbreaks When mimicking and taking specific care of this skin, we propose the following tips:

1. Adopt a routine soft hygiene appropriate for the child's skin.

2. Bathrooms should be short and with warm water, using specific hygiene products for this type of skin.

3. Dry your skin gently, with little touches instead of rubbing.

4. Avoid using face wipes and cut your nails well to avoid scratching damage.

5. Apply an emollient product daily. It uses products of fast absorption, to dress you fast.

6. When washing your children's clothes, do not use softeners or products containing phosphates, and clear it abundantly.

7. Opt for garments made of cotton, instead of wool and synthetic fabrics.

8. Choose carefully the living environment of your children (dust, mites, humidity ...).

9. Make sure your child follows a varied diet from 6 months, introducing a new food every week.

10. Choose a healthy diet; free of preservatives, colorants and other additives.

Marina Berrio
Source: La Roche-Posay

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