SaangYong Rodius: practical and now attractive

The Rodius was always a minivan with many qualities, especially in capacity and price. The new generation reinforces its values, gains in design and improves its mechanics

The Rodius has been one of the minivans of greater market acceptance, and this despite the fact that its design left a lot to be desired. However, its functional qualities, such as its enormous livability for trips of the large families, has been a definitive argument to opt for this model. Specifying more: in his favor he has always had a very competitive price and the case of its enormous habitability is due to its third row of real seats, where adults can travel and also leave a large volume for luggage.

The new generation of Rodius

Now comes the second generation, to begin with, much more attractive, with interesting technical news and that is sold from a price of 25,280 euros, what includes a launch promotion of 3,000 euros. Also for those who trusted the brand and want replace your old Rodius for the new one, they will add another 2,000 euros promotion. Keep in mind that the Rodius can also be purchased as a "mixed adaptable" vehicle that has significant discounts on registration, although if you opt for this option, the vehicle must Pass the ITV more frequently and it has limited the maximum speed in 100 km / h. Also, being a eminently family carIt also can welcome discounts for large families. Advantages that add again to this model among the most economical of its segment.

With what has been said, it is observed that the arguments in favor are maintained, with its 5.13 meters long, the cabin is still very large, the price is still attractive and also, see the images, its design is much more attractive.

Two plus two plus three

The seven seats of the Rodius have an unusual configuration, since the second row has two stools that can slide up to 17 centimeters longitudinally, like those of the third, which has a running bench for three passengers, which can also be folded in one piece. With this situation, the trunk with all the seats occupied can have up to 875 liters, the largest capacity in the market.

After the new image, the second important novelty of new Saangyong Rodius It's your mechanics. Now it houses a own diesel engine -the previous one was of Mercedes Benz origin-, 2.0-liter, unique in our market, that generates 155 horses, in combination with a six-speed manual gearbox O well five-speed automatic, this is still of Mercedes origin, like the previous one. In the basic configuration the transmission is of propulsion trasera, but it is possible to access a 4x4 total transmission, which also has a selection of long and short gears, but only with the highest equipment and automatic transmission. This particularity of having short gears is another argument that makes the Rodius unique in its segment.

During the test we appreciate that the nuevo engine moves the car more freely, with a quite progressive delivery of power, thanks to its maximum torque of 360 Nm is in the most common use, but above all it has gained silent running and absence of vibrations. According to the approvals, it has also improved in consumption.

Among the new equipment, it is necessary to highlight the elements related to the security, as the incorporation of traction control, on the previous systems of ABS and braking distributor EBD and the help to emergency braking or control of descents; the double frontal airbag, side airbag and Isofix anchors.

Also in favor of the new Rodius it should be noted that now it will have Five years warranty, instead of the previous three.


Engine: Diesel 2.0 of 155 HP.

Transmission: Rear propulsion and 6-speed manual transmission or 6-way automatic. 4x4 option with reductive.

Brakes: Ventilated discs on both axes, with ABS.

Address: Variable electric assistance.

Benefits: Maximum speed, 180 km / h.

Long wide high: 5.13 / 1.91 / 1.81 meters

Capacities: Trunk 875 / 1.975 liters. Deposit, 80 l.

Warranty: 5 years.

Prices: From € 25,280 to € 35,900 in normal enrollment and € 23,877 to € 32,462 in mixed adaptable. Always with promotion.

Francisco DEL BRÍO. Head of ABC Engine

Video: New 2018 SUV SsangYong Turismo

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