Save with carsharing

A company, regardless of its size, can reduce transportation costs by up to 75 percent of its employees, if instead of assuming taxi transfers, it sets in motion a corporate solution of carsharing, a car rental service for hours, where the user only pays for the time he uses the vehicle.

These are the data collected Arval, the mobility solutions company of BNP Paribas, which coincided with the entry into force of the new taxi regulatory ordinance that established a flat rate for certain journeys.

It is not surprising then that this formula, in which vehicles are used by employees on demand through a reservation plan, is gaining more and more followers. Specifically, it is already located in the 16 percent of Spanish companies.

With this formula, financial departments also have a way to reduce mobility expenses of employees who use their own car to get around, since save the expenses derived from the payment per kilometer.

Advantages of carsharing

- The image of the brand. The advantages are not measured only in economic terms, but also in intangibles such as brand image, since carsharing allows the company to project a modernity image, being an initiative - although it can be adapted to any model and brand - it is ideal to incorporate gradually vehicles of alternative technologies such as electricity.

This is the approach of professional carsharing developed by Arval. According to its CEO, Cecilia Boned, "we tested it within the company with electric cars because when you drive it you realize that with the 150 kilometers of autonomy you have enough to drive the 36 kilometers a day that travel on average more than half of the drivers.

- Flexibility Another feature is the flexibility of using the vehicle and can be used in a mixed manner, thus combining driving during working hours with your enjoyment during weekends.

- Simple method of use. Contrary to what is thought, the mechanics of this formula of car sharing is very simple. The employee manages his reservation through a online calendar and access the vehicle with only Pass the employee card through the reader. The system recognizes the reservation and automatically opens the car, so that the drivers they do not need to coordinate with each other to exchange the car.

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