Decalogue for children to sleep well

The dream favors that children grow strong and healthy. A good rest contributes to the growth of the child, since during the night the growth hormone is generated, and it provides the necessary energy to be rested the next day and active in the school. Maintaining good sleep habits is essential to notice the benefits of a good rest.

10 tips for children to sleep well

There are several factors related to quantity and quality of sleep for a good child's rest. Dr. Neil Stanley, Vi- Spring sleep expert, lists the 10 most useful tips to encourage children's rest:

1. The best suggestion for children to develop Good sleeping habits is to adopt a nightly routine. Set fixed hours to go to bed, get up and nap.

2. For adequate rest, it is necessary to have a room with a constant temperature during the night.

3. Reduce the noise level. Silence is one of the keys to sleep better, and it is essential that children sleep in quiet places that guarantee the quality of rest.

4. Habituar children to use the bed only to sleep, not to play or to watch television.

5. Set a bedroom in low light and an environment conducive to rest.

6. The story time Through the books children can understand that it is time to sleep.

7. Limit meals and drinks before bedtime. If the child eats heavy dinners, sleep will suffer. In addition, if we go over liquids, the child will have to get up to go to the bathroom, which could favor sleeplessness.

8. Take advantage of the bathroom, as a relaxing moment to prepare the dream. If we can bathe the little ones shortly before bedtime, much better.

9. Rest on natural materials that allow moisture to be absorbed and released from the mattress and improve the quality of rest.

10. Encourage the child to fall asleep on his own and get him to be able to establish positive associations towards the dream.

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