10 tips to stimulate the appetite of children

In every house with children it is usual to have more than one discussion at lunch time: "I do not like this", "I am not hungry" and a host of arguments that test the patience of the parents. Sitting at the table with the family should be a time of peace for everyone and also for the children. However, we parents have to recognize that sometimes we make mistakes to teach children to eat. From the beginning, prevent the feeding of your children becomes a moment of anxiety and teaches education at the table.

As we canstimulate the appetite of children?

Here we leave you10 tips that can help you When children do not want to eat:

1. Trust the appetite control center of your child and, as much as possible, let him decide when he will eat.

2. If your child can use the spoon, let him feed himself. If he is hungry, he will eat.

3. Offer more food to eat with your hands, in this way it will feed only at least part of the time.

4. Serve smaller portions; your appetite will decrease if you serve more than what you can eat.

5. Try to make the meals pleasant for your child, with conversations in which you can participate.

6. Do not obsess about what your little one eats Between hours: asmall sandwich mid-morning or snack is healthy.

7. Do not negotiate with food: It's just that, food. Do not use it to reward and / or show affection.

8. Put the candy in its place, keep oneneutral attitude towards food.

9. The example is one of the best teachers: be a good example for your childreneating in a healthy way

10. Let your child try new things, be patient (a lot) and offer them again and again.

Marisol Nuevo Espín

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