Sport for preschool children

Accustoming our children to perform different physical activities is not only advisable for their health, but also to entertain and relieve tension. Since they are still very small, preschool sports for children are aimed at practicing without competitiveness or pressure. We must ensure that this new hobby is a game for children.

After three years, children begin to have a greater capacity to perform certain types of exercises. Children from 3 to 6 years can start in sports with activities called predeporte where they will try the sport as a game. It is evident that these activities can not be considered completely as a sport, although the truth is that they are very useful when it comes to securing psychomotor skills that they have already acquired.

The new challenges of sport

The main objective of sport for preschool children is mainly that children develop certain mental habits, as well as some physical skills. In other words, the most important thing is not so much that the little one knows how to dunk the ball, but that he begins to awaken the taste for exercise while reinforcing his agility, his balance, his sense of direction ...

All this implies that we face several challenges: first of all, we will have to try not to demand it beyond its possibilities. We will also try to present you this new hobby as a game and, above all, we will avoid intimidating you with screams or hurting your own love with hateful comparisons of the type "look how fast Miguel runs ... to see if you learn to move like him".

Plant good habits

In addition, we are in the ideal time to cultivate through the games you practice, healthy competitive habits, such as a serene rejection of traps, knowing how to lose with joy because the other has won, fighting spirit, knowing how to win without humiliating the opponent, etc.

Similarly, through sport, we can instill in our little notions as basic as the need to take care of things or order with the material of their games (rackets, ball, tracksuit, etc.). In this way, the child will later be careful not only with the material he uses to play sports, but with all his belongings in general.

It is convenient to say that it is not advisable to classify or guide the child towards a single sport, but we must ensure that you are fond of several activities at once, that if possible, complement each other: going out to the mountains, running, swimming, riding a bicycle ... may be some entertaining suggestions for him.

Family sport

The most valuable thing that parents can offer their children is your own time. And when children are young, it's time to be with them, to play together, to teach them things, to go out into the country. * Sport is in this sense, the ideal excuse to make family plans. So, for example, if we encourage the child to play mini-basketball, we can entertain him with some throws, or if what he likes is tennis, we will rehearse all those hits that go wrong.

In addition, we can take you to see some competition that interests you to explain some features of the game: how to play, how to do it, what are the correct behaviors and why ... And is that few things can help both a child of these ages like someone who wants a lot explains in depth what they see and what they like so much.

Marisol New
Adviser: Luis Daniel González, Bachelor of Physical Sciences.

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