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Today in Thisfamilywelove we celebrate a very special day: the Universal Children's Day, commemorating the adoption on November 20, 1959 of the Convention on the Children's rights in the General Assembly of the United Nations. It is a date that reminds us that a child is not only a fragile being who needs to be protected, but also a person who has the right to be educated, cared for and protected wherever he or she was born.

Today we want to remind children that they are deprived of the attention, care, food, education and other basic needs that correspond to them.

On the occasion of the celebration of Universal Children's Day, we want to present you with a collection of children's stories based precisely on the Rights of the Child, from the Palabra publishing house. Its authors are Elena Presas and Macarena Smerdou.

Children's rights

This collection, which consists of 5 books, is a project for Help children entertained to think about their rights and remember those children of the world who are not recognized. They talk about friendship, love, freedom, the need to reach agreements, to share with others ... all in a simple and enjoyable way.

The four Seasons

Right of the child to be educated in a spirit of friendship and peace among the peoples. The four dwarfs called Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter are fighting to control the climate.

It also includes the story:
The village of children without coloring. The child's right to freedom. Tomás el Chamarilero arrives at a strange town where its inhabitants hide an amazing secret ...

Frida's butterflies

Right of the child to receive special care. The girl Frida has to stay in bed and can not move. When he closes his eyes, he dreams of butterflies ...

It also includes the story:
In the village of the witches. Right of the child to the love of his family. Something horrible happens in the village of the witches when a blond witch is born.

Not all black cats are bad

The child's right to equality. Why do some believe that black cats are very bad? Maybe because they always accompany witches? Is it true that they are so bad?

It also includes the story:
Zebulón, the fearful little monkey. Right of the child to help. Zebulón always wants to do the same as his brothers. Soon he will get into trouble but all the animals will help rescue him.

The echo of my name

Right of the child to have a name. A little Indian woman goes out at dawn looking for something she feels she is missing. In your search you will finally find an answer.

It also includes the story:
The lighthouse of the moon. Right of the child to health. One day Ramón gets sick and his father must go in search of the doctor. Ramón will not be alone, because he has good friends who will accompany him.

The journey of the Methuselah crocodile 

Right of the child not to suffer exploitation. Methuselah is adopted as a child by the Flor and Bautista brothers. The problems will come when the crocodile grows.

It also includes the story:
The day the letters took the floor. Right of the child to receive education. What would happen if the letters and numbers decided to leave the books and the notebooks to leave them blank?

Marisol Nuevo Espín

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